Cool graphic from Alpha Scanner showing the phases of market.

This is fairly straight up Technical Analysis theory as to how the market moves over time.


click for ginormous graphic

Hat tip Kid Lane

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5 Responses to “Total Market Cycle”

  1. louis says:

    Housing has yet to enter the accumulation phase, are we still in the late decline area?

    At what point do you know that buyers have pushed equities to unsustainable levels?

  2. wally says:

    Avoid buying upward markets, eh? That’s advice I have not seen before.

  3. jjay says:

    The first two charts look a lot like a chart of the US National Debt.
    The distribution phase of US National Debt will likely resemble that old stock market joke.
    A guy’s broker tells him to keep buying a stock and it keeps going up and up.
    Finally he decides to take profits and tells his broker to “Sell”.
    The broker tells him, “To whom?”

  4. Greg0658 says:

    was wondering if a chart exists – that:

    1. takes an investment into a stock (puts it aside in a lockbox)
    2. chart shows the interest accrual from dividends and splits over year(s) from said stock
    3. then the individual stocks would be lumped for headline effect (like say the DOW30)

    A. the put aside in the “lockbox” = an added benefit the day you say thanks, but bye

    Ab. the chart shows what coulda been with a 15%* compensation for the brains (BoD & CEO, CFO)

    Ac. the chart shows what coulda been without an M&A ( I realize this figure can not be carried past 1 year .. since M&A adds future benefit of reduced competition and other +s .. but flipside reduces the world of possible consumers )

    *coda – figure out of thin air (no research as to effect)