This has always been one of my favorite Bimmers of the modern era — its a big car, but feels nimble. Comes with a 6 speed stick mated to a big V8, a real back seat, and a powerful torque-happy, engine.

They seemed to really clean up the lines of the 6 series:


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5 Responses to “New BMW 650i Convertible”

  1. chartist says:

    Ever since they fired their prior body designer and put two women in charge, BMWs have gotten a lot sexier.

  2. Terrible colors shown —

    Mrs BP said it looks smaller than the old one — but MT says its longer and wider

  3. I’m not sure…

    I think BWM is, very, lucky, that GM killed off Pontiac..

    If the G8 was a sign of things to come, BMW might have had some real issues..

  4. Casual_Observer says:

    It’s still a rag top, though. Prefer the hard top on my 335i.

  5. ashpelham2 says:

    Not crazy about those colors either. I don’t know. Just seems that a BMW shouldn’t be painted those neutral, bland, high-resale colors like silver, gold, tan, champagne, blah, blah. And those interior shots aren’t great either, but I bet that leather is a lot prettier in person. I usually dig the interiors. Love to see this car in black exterior with their coral interior leather color. As my favorite dumb blonde says “That’s hot, baby”.