via FT Alphaville, Fitch Ratings has come up with a timeline of upcoming events that they expect will “help shape the direction” of eurozone sovereign credit quality:


click for ginormous chart

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3 Responses to “Eurozone Timeline”

  1. daveG says:

    As I recall from Mr. Rogoff states that these super debt cycles take 6-7 yrs to unwind and have three waves along the way.

    We are perhaps just in yr 3 of 6-7 yrs. and the three waves are:

    1) private sector default-i.e. AIG, Bear, Lehman, ML, Countrywide FNM, FRE etc
    2) weak public sectors default- I don’t see the Eurozone’s accounting for this.. it will happen-PIIGS
    3.) strong public sectors pick up the weak public sector debt and then
    a.) restructure debt (modified defaults-haircuts, coupon & maturity restructurings)
    b.) inflate debt away
    c.) outright default on debt

    At least this is what the past 800 years has told us…


  2. rktbrkr says:

    OK, the Irish gov that “negotiated” the bank bondholder bailout just got stomped in the election (70%) turnout, next step is a referendum to repudiate the deal with the EU overlords and reestablish Irish independence.

    “Renegotiate or we’ll shoot the Euro”

  3. rktbrkr says:

    Irish bank withdrawals continue in Jan , another 17B, hard to pinpoint due to change in reporting – funny about that