I’ve really enjoyed watching the Lakers over the past few years, but there really isn’t a contest (via Daily Infographic)


Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant

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7 Responses to “MJ vs Kobe”

  1. iandrewd says:

    Ahh yes, the lovely stats without any context argument…never mind that Kobe’s shooting percentage is lower because he doesn’t play in the post as often (by product of playing with great scoring big men). As for pure scoring, when Kobe averages 30 he’s selfish so I don’t see how he can possibly win that one (plus scoring 81 in a game kinda settles the argument about the who the better scorere is). MVP? C’mon, that’s a popularity contest, does anybody really think Steve Nash is twice the player that Shaq was? Scoring titles, that’s a silly stat to track and I guarantee that if Kobe had the lead in that category it would be considered a negative, not a positive.

  2. silverback says:

    As a Laker fan for nearly years, I feel like Kobe is one of the best if not the best tough-shot-maker I’ve ever seen but he’s not better than MJ and IMHO, regardless of stat-sheet comparisons, Magic’s the best Laker I ever saw.

  3. Greg0658 says:

    How come the McD logo is missing from MJ ? They reproduced his picture book and sold it for a buck. Rates up there with my LeRoy Neiman ’79 Olympics poster.

  4. Greg0658 says:

    I’d uploaded a pic .. thought you’all would like this
    .. the right page of book is Nike: Gross Rev 1984 $986,000,000 / 1998 $9,186,539,000
    Cost of one share of Nike 11/1/84 $7 / value of that share 7/2/98 $418


  5. deeannacoco says:

    Also missing from MJ is Ballpark. How can you forget about the hotdogs?

  6. deeannacoco says:

    @iandrewd Kobe is good but he set out to try to beat MJ’s records. If It had been Kobe to set the scoring bar high I’m sure MJ would have beaten his. Look did you even watch MJ play? He is known for making the toughest shots because alot of times he was tripled- teamed. Try putting 3 players on Kobe most of the time and see how well he shoots and please get off of thinking that Kobe is better than MJ because it just isn’t true. MJ taught Kobe some moves. I bet you didn’t know that did you so he is part of the reason that makes Kobe what he is today along with Phil Jackson. Clearly MJ is the best player all-around.

  7. Todd in SM says:

    Kobe now has more All Star MVPs than Jordan