A video honoring Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, the greatest pure striker to ever grace the game. He has been an icon and a star of the Brazilian national team, and has forged a hugely successful career based on not just talent, but determination and a quest for excellence.

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3 Responses to “Ronaldo Top 10 Goals”

  1. PTRio says:

    Ronaldo Fenomeno, as he is/was called in Brasil. Truly amazing. The video is less than superior quality, but it gives an idea of what an incredible player he was in his prime. Just recently retired, and announced he has had hypothroidism which no doubt contributed to his most recent nickame, Ronaldo Gordo (Fat Ronaldo).

    Fear not for Brasil, the new generation with Neymar, Ganso, Pato, Robinho and the rest could bring Brasil to the finals in the next Copa, to be hosted by Brasil. If not, well, expect a national emotional Depression for at least the following year.

  2. furiouschads says:

    Start, stop. Go fast, stop, go again. Bounce the ball off the defender’s foot and keep going. The time playing futbal de salao is obvious at the end of many of these shots. Thanks for a great show.

  3. carrottop says:

    none of you are brazilian or know much of soccer.
    1st – nothing compares to pele or maradona.
    2nd – there has been strikers of equal or better caliber than ronaldo through brazilian history (dinamite, zico, romario…)