How Egypt Disappeared From the Internet
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Egypt Leaders Found ‘Off’ Switch for Internet
NYT, February 15, 2011

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14 Responses to “Shutting Off the Internet”

  1. louis says:

    Total Censorship and they brutally attack female reporters. Let’s give them another billion dollars in the name of democracy.

  2. Transor Z says:

    Anybody else recall the routing-table issue that caused a Comcast blackout in the Northeast Corridor on 11/28 – 11/29/2010?

  3. eren says:


    Just as the Egyptian government recently forced the Internet to go dark, U.S. officials could flip the switch if the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset legislation becomes law, say its critics.

    The bill — crafted by Sens. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn.; Susan Collins, R-Maine; and Tom Carper, D-Del. — aims to defend the economic infrastructure from a cyberterrorist attack. But it has free-speech advocates and privacy experts howling over the prospect of a government agency quelling the communication of hundreds of millions of people.

  4. Jack says:

    My glass is half full. 30 years ago Mubarak could shut down radio, TV and telephone in a New York minute. And keep it shut down with about 2000 troops and a tank or so.

    Now, anyone who tries it, and they all do, gets about 15 minutes of blackout. There’s too much stuff out there folks. Sure, it can be done. But the effort is enormous and the payoff slim.

    I think the information cat is out of the bag.

  5. eren,

    y mas..

    “This article appeared in the Spring 1996 issue of ..”

    simply, I’d wish more people ‘got down’ w/ EFF y EPIC

  6. wunsacon says:

    How’s this for more irony (like Amazon’s Kindle/”1984″ error)?

    Confirmed: Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Episodes Disappearing from DVRs
    (HT: ZH commenter)

  7. wunsacon says:

    Putting everything “into the cloud” is going to be a baaaad idea…

  8. dsawy says:

    Basically, they used BGP (an “exterior” routing protocol) to “withdraw” their routes.

  9. Moss says:

    Ah the beauty of the Domain Name System. (DNS)

  10. Greg0658 says:

    wuns – “Putting everything into the cloud is going to be a baaaad idea …” YEP ditto x1000 to the 10th
    even program basecode – just don’t know when IT starts doing different things differently
    … what a world if you can’t trust

    have ya seen this site:
    The Wayback Machine

  11. Greg0658 says:

    PBS ran with it last night too:
    How Did Egypt’s Government Halt Internet Access?

    then later in the evening PBS ran an even more interesting:

  12. wunsa-

    “Putting everything “into the cloud” is going to be a baaaad idea…”


  13. constantnormal says:

    this is also how those intrepid and clueless idiots at DHS removed 84,000 sites from the internet, when their target was about a dozen sites they claimed were engaging in child pornography and counterfeit product sales … due process, and all that.