I don’t know why someone would put together an infographic of interesting facts about Bill Murray.

I only know they did, and I am therefor compelled to share it with you . . .


click for larger graphic (if you can imagine that)

Via online schools

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6 Responses to “WTF? An Infographic about Bill Murray…”

  1. HA!

    I’ve often thought what Jesus would be like if he were like Bill Murray. I’m thinking of his character from Caddyshack or Stripes. Christians should try to put wisdom through that irreverent voice and character. It is quite entertaining

    Now there is a flash page that will garner a couple million viral hits

    I could just imagine the riots Jesus would have started if He were more like Bill Murray. About the same amount, only for different reasons ;)


  2. teraflop says:

    “We’re gonna need a bigger Internet.” – RS, RIP

  3. diogeron says:

    @Common Man

    Didn’t Monty Python already pretty much do what you suggested? Ha!

  4. Greg0658 says:

    this was imo the breakout movie for Bills movie career:
    Meatballs I – It Just Doesn’t Matter

    Meatballs I – The Dance – starts at 2m45s

    must see cash peacock tv:
    Bill Murray Joins the “Squawk Box” Crew
    the hats Bill was wearing at the ProAm tourney :-)

  5. contrabandista13 says:

    COME ON MAN…..! Barry: “The Man Who Knew Too Little” “Meat Balls” “BOB” “Roses are red violets are blue I’m a schizophrenic and so am I”

    Bill is the most infographic worthy human being on this planet…..

    Best regards,


  6. contrabandista13 says:

    By the way…. Thanks for sharing it with us…….