Warning: Legal wonkery ahead:

Powerhouse law firm Weill Gotshal published a “Sweet 16″ of most influential, transformative, or game-changing U.S. bankruptcy decisions. At their bankruptcy blog (really), you can choose your favorite bankruptcy case — they and Weill will eventually crown a March bankruptcy madness winner:



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3 Responses to “Bracketology: Sweet Sixteen of Corporate Bankruptcy”

  1. louis says:

    What’s sad is all the ones that did not make the tournament.

  2. Freestate says:

    Wow, a bankruptcy Sweet 16 pool. I am trying to imagine the guy that put this together. But I am grateful for this. Because I am always looking for things to take home to prove to my teenagers that there really are people in the world who are much geekier than I am.

  3. that’s funny, I was going to with: ~”you know, more people would be better served by reading some of these cites — they might, actually, learn something from them, as opposed to their ‘Textbooks’/”Beach Reading”…

    then, saw ‘Freestate”s Post …

    yes, of course! it’s all about “wonkery”, and, others, being ‘geekier’..

    should have paid more attention to CNBCSucks and his decision to go ‘Fashion Forward’..

    but, yes, Virginia, one can learn a lot by reading the cites (where do think Grisham, as ex., got his Plots from?)