John Sherffius, who did the cover (and the awesome cartoons) for Bailout Nation, takes his own satirical swipe at GE:


via John Sherfius

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5 Responses to “Corporate Logos Reflect Company Principles”

  1. Orange14 says:

    I’m long GE and I think this is hilarious!!!!!

  2. obsvr-1 says:

    GE – Gov’t Enterprise

  3. on one hand, yes, it’s …almost/pretty… funny..

    on the other hand, if Sherrfius is, so, intent on ‘mailing it in’, this might be the proto-typical exhibit for the Case that the ‘USPS’ should be Privatized..(read: too much ‘baggage’ being, too, broadly subsidized by, too, many, for the benefit of too few..)

    but, then again, one might have to read, the above, as Allegory..

    assuming, of course, that ~any have “Graduated” from

    though, in a World where could be a Standard, it’s amazing that (Pine-Sol) is a “Supporter of the Month”…

    speaking of ‘Epic Fail(s)’ ..

  4. Bob A says:

    seems like there should some screws in there