We have been due for a correction (20-25%) for some time now –I dont by the 3000-3800 stuff . . .


Harry Dent: “Major Crash” Coming for Stocks, Commodities Already Topping Out
Aaron Task
Daily Ticker March 31, 2011

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9 Responses to “Dent: Crash Coming”

  1. baldski says:

    This is the same guy who predicted Dow 30,000 some years ago. He sells books. He does not know dink about markets.

  2. realgm says:

    The FED would not let DJ to go down more than 25%, let alone going all the way to 3000 level.

    No chance as long as the FED can print its way into hyper inflation. QE3 would come, it’s a matter of when.

  3. bolddan says:

    Negativity sells.

    There’s one big name “guru” who’ been negative since Nov. 2009 and people (CNBC included) still seek his opinion.

  4. ricecake says:

    A typical financial Coup de tat and Fed’s media spin campaign. He tries to scare people into buying U.S Treasuries because it’s almost time for the T-bill auction. And Japan have to sell their holding too.

    Not that he’s very wrong. But he’s wrong on how low the Dow will go.

  5. boveri says:

    The biggest phonies of all are the ones who want it both ways, such as Harry predicting armageddon but only after another huge rally. In this case Harry “predicts” the crash after the S&P hits 1450 this summer. Harry Dent has done that so many times he is a serial phony.

  6. bruce909 says:

    Harry Dent’s short term market forecasts are not very acurate- he is usually early. However his long term forecast are very usefull. I sold all of my commercial property in 2007 because of Mr. Dents warnings. At least he uses a methodology that is logical and understandable. Long term investors ignore Mr. Dents warnings at there peril.

  7. EIB says:

    If you buy into the “climb a wall of worry”, then this is very bullish.
    Tons of upside based on all the negativity, if you play that angle.

  8. EIB says:

    Barry, shame on you for posting this garbage.

    Wedge pattern? Oh, STFU.
    Peaking in April? Oh, STFU.

    Anyone making such specific predictions is a jackass. This sort of tripe is an insult to your readers who aren’t 25 years old.


    BR: As I noted up top, I don’t agree with these forecasts — nor Prechter’s Dow 1000 — but they are out there and worth discussing.

    I’d rather show various viewpoints and encourage market debate. Otherwise, we run the risk of selective perception, and only reading that with which we agree . . .

  9. Moss says:

    The equity market is now an experiment in Central Bank engineering. I doubt that the chief engineer will allow such an event to occur. It seems to me that the Fed is now focused on how to prevent bubbles from bursting. We know that are good at creating them so ‘stability’ is their new mandate. Dent seems to think that natural market forces will somehow prevail. This is NOT possible in the existing environment.