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Santa Susana

As a History Chanel special notes, a nuclear meltdown occurred at the world’s first commercial reactor only 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles, and only 7 miles from the community of Canoga Park and the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles

Specifically, in 1959, there was a meltdown of one-third of the nuclear reactors at the Santa Susana field laboratory operated by Rocketdyne, releasing – according to some scientists’ estimates – 240 times as much radiation as Three Mile Island.

But the Atomic Energy Commission lied and said only there was only 1 partially damaged rod, and no real problems. In fact, the AEC kept the meltdown a state secret for 20 years.

There were other major accidents at that reactor facility, which the AEC and Nuclear Regulatory Commission covered up as well. See this.


Two years earlier, a Russian government reactor at Kyshtm melted down in an accident which some claim was even worse than Chernobyl.

The Soviet government hid the accident, pretending that it was creating a new “nature reserve” to keep people out of the huge swath of contaminated land.

Journalist Anna Gyorgy alleges that the results of a freedom of information act request show that the CIA knew about the accident at the time, but kept it secret to prevent adverse consequences for the fledgling American nuclear industry.

1980s Studies and Hearings

In 1982, the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs received a secret report received from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission called “Calculation of Reactor Accident Consequences 2″.

In that report and other reports by the NRC in the 1980s, it was estimated that there was a 50% chance of a nuclear meltdown within the next 20 years which would be so large that it would contaminate an area the size of the State of Pennsylvania, which would result in huge numbers of a fatalities, and which would cause damage in the hundreds of billions of dollars (in 1980s dollars).

Those reports were kept secret for decades.


In light of the foregoing, the following quote from the San Jose Mercury News may not seem so far-fetched:

EPA officials, however, refused to answer questions or make staff members available to explain the exact location and number of monitors, or the levels of radiation, if any, being recorded at existing monitors in California. Margot Perez-Sullivan, a spokeswoman at the EPA’s regional headquarters in San Francisco, said the agency’s written statement would stand on its own.

Critics said the public needs more information.

“It’s disappointing,” said Bill Magavern, director of Sierra Club California. “I have a strong suspicion that EPA is being silenced by those in the federal government who don’t want anything to stand in the way of a nuclear power expansion in this country, heavily subsidized by taxpayer money.”

And see this and this


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7 Responses to “Governments Have Been Covering Up Nuclear Meltdowns for Fifty Years to Protect the Nuclear Power Industry”

  1. contrabandista13 says:


  2. rktbrkr says:

    TEPCO moved their monitoring site when it got too hot. I’m sure they’ve been involved in human sacrifice of their employees during this crisis.

    TEPCO was lying about the performance of their reactors before the crisis and their explanations have been completely dissembling.

  3. Brandon Turbeville
    Activist Post

    With all the focus placed on the Japanese radiation leak as well as the toxic plume of radioactive particles (possibly containing uranium and plutonium) heading for the United States, another potential disaster is receiving virtually no attention.

    Of course, attention should be paid to the Japanese situation. Especially since the mainstream media is doing everything it can to cover up the scale of the disaster. Nevertheless, it seems the continent of North America is being hit from two sides in terms of radiation danger.

    On March 16, a report was released by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) stating that Canada’s Ontario Power Generation has released radioactive water into Lake Ontario via a leak in the Pickering A nuclear generating station.

    As a result of what appears to be a pump seal failure, tens of thousands of litres of radioactive water escaped the generating station on Monday and ended up in Lake Ontario…”


  4. Centurion 9.41 says:

    Government workers lie!? Never! It’s a lie!

    Of course, there’s not law prohibiting anyone from buying a nuclear detection device and measuring the awful stuff themselves…. Where’s that data?

    And oh yes, hasnt the US Navy operated nuclear plants, under the ocean, for ….. 50 years?

    Nah, easier to recycle conspiracy theorist fantasy.

    But them again, Im just one of ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data, ability to repeat discredited memes, and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. …. creating straw men and arguing against things I have neither said nor even implied. My irrelevancies mention are never appreciated. So much for civility in your discourse . . . I am, after all, anonymous.

    Centurion 9.41

  5. blackjaquekerouac says:

    Have no fear…Larry Kudlow is here! He’s taking over TEPCO and he’s now leading with operation “blow more poo than a Christmas Turkey in July” operation. The powers that be feel that “warm and fuzzy” and are “going long on this bad boy with GLOWING recommendations.” Of course it’s a dangerous material–depending on how you use it. My understanding is “TEPCO run’s em hot.” That would be the fault of the real estate lobby as much as the nuclea power industry. And of course as Americans know “nothing bad with the real estate lobby. They’re all peace/love and happy hollywood endings.”

  6. The prayer that seems to be working for me very well these days is for whistleblowers

  7. takloo says:

    Do you really think there are no cover ups in fossil fuel power generation? I think some things are better not known…