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2 Responses to “Housing Heat Map”

  1. louis says:

    So we are headed the other direction, What a shock. BR what are the chances the Ostrich pull’s his head out and looks around for a while? What makes the Ostrich run up the steps of the capitol and propose something needs to be done on the original problem? Or does the Ostrich get shot on the way up the steps by the bank lobby.

  2. louis says:

    The committee also voted to dissolve the final $1 billion in funding through NSP, which has already awarded $6 billion in grants to local and state governments to buy, rehab and resell foreclosed and vacant property.

    “There are no mandates on how the money is to be used. To take that money, give it to groups, whether it’s cities, counties, they’re going to love it,” said Rep. Gary Miller (R-Calif.). “We have no oversight over the future. The money should have been put for a purpose and come back to the federal government. Other than that, it was a gift from the taxpayer.”

    I feel better when I give gifts. Is there anybody out there?