Nuclear physicist Kirby Kemper gives us his assessment of the Japan nuclear crisis, including the likelihood of a meltdown and radiation risks. Plus, why global markets are off sharply today after Japan’s Nikkei average tumbled more than 10 percent.

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4 Responses to “Nuclear Physicist on Japan Crisis”

  1. WFTA says:

    Make that Maestro.
    Life is hard for the spelling impaired.

  2. boveri says:

    A marvelous example of an interviewer struggling unsuccessfully to extract any tidbit of expert opinion from the guest expert.

  3. dwrthzz says:

    PEOPLE have suffered from the health effects of chernobyl for decades-this guy is so nonchlant and evasive – the stuff is floating in the air – dusting off or even stripping down before going indoors and avoiding going outside – its in your hair on your skin you open a door and the stuff is in your house – on every surface – food, toothbrush, food, pillow…….this is GLOBAL- 8 – 700 X NORMAL RADIATION – my heart goes out to these people – i live in los angeles and im taking this seriously as a threat to us here on the west coast -