How cool is this? The Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter: An iPhone controlled quadricopter with a camera in its nose!

Here’s Barron’s:

“Parrots aren’t known for their flying ability. But the Parrot AR.Drone certainly is. It’s one of the most fantastically fun toys I’ve come across in years.

A camera in its nose can transmit images of your neighbor’s yard, or help you dogfight with other drones. It’s expensive, but—wow!—it’s worth every cent of the $299 price.”

That looks crazy cool!



The First Quadricopter Controlled by iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Control with Your Apple Device
Thanks to its on-board Wi-Fi system, you can control the Parrot AR.Drone using an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

The Parrot AR.Drone
The AR.Drone is the first quadricopter that can be controlled by an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

High-technology Sensors Offer Simple Piloting
A mix of captors, wide-angle camera, high-speed camera and MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems), accelerometer, gyro sensors, and ultrasound sensor combine with a powerful on-board computer to make piloting the AR.Drone easy. Simply use your iPhone or iPod touch, and just tilt and touch to control the AR.Drone.

Connect and See
The Parrot AR.Drone generates its own Wi-Fi network to which you connect your iPod touch or iPhone to control. The front camera view is streamed to your piloting device display.

The AR.Drone autopilot allows easy takeoff and landing. After takeoff, autopilot stabilizes the AR.Drone at an 80-centimeter altitude. When you remove your finger from the iPhone/iPod touch, the autopilot function automatically puts the AR.Drone into stationary flight. Lost connection with the AR.Drone? Autopilot takes over again and stabilizes the device before attempting a soft and safe landing.

Indoor and Outdoor Hulls Included
The full hull shield protects the AR.Drone from impacts that occur during wild battles against enemies hidden in the rooms of the house. The streamlined colored hull is aerodynamic, allowing greater control outside.

High Durability and Easy Repair
AR.Drone is a quadricopter made of carbon fiber and high-resistance PA66 plastic. All parts can be changed for easy repair.

Free Piloting App on iTunes
Please download AR.Freeflight in the App Store to control the AR.Drone. iTunes account needed.

Augmented Reality Games
Not only see what the AR.Drone sees with the front-mounted camera, but enjoy a wide variety of games in augmented reality. AR.Games will be sold in the iTunes App Store. Choose from a selection of single-player and multiplayer games, using the AR.Drone’s camera and the augmented reality applications. Shoot enemies or other drones.

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10 Responses to “Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter”

  1. Data Room says:

    It looks great. Specially if you wanna take pics of your neighbor’s yard lolz. the great thing is that i can control it through Iphone. Further the best thing is its repairable normally such things dont work properly if repaired but i am not sure how will it work after getting repaired. But it looks exceptional. Thanx for sharing this with us.

  2. thecaterwaulingcurmudgeon says:

    Wonder how well this would do in say a radioactive environment?

    neat toy.

  3. My neighbor has a 21 year old daughter who comes out to the house during the summer from her city apartment to use the pool; There is heavy green cover around the entire property which almost hides when she lounges topless around the pool when the folks are out of town.

    VERY Californication.

    Look for both the YouTube video of her, and my pending indictment, later this summer . . .

  4. Bill Wilson says:

    Is there a Federal Reserve version coming? It could have Ben Bernanke’s face on it, and it would obviously be equipped with the ability to drop money. Preferably dropping large denominations on my back yard.

  5. davefromcarolina says:

    This is a cute toy, and will continue to be one until the NSA starts using them on you.

  6. V says:


    Too late.

    Is this the start of a new civilian arms race, you’ll need a drone to defend your property from the drones of others?

  7. I think I’ll work on the gun and laser mount apps. I’ll make a fortune

  8. beaufou says:

    Lol Barry, I can sometimes see my neighbours wife in the hot tub in the nude, no need for flying objects.
    Only problem, she’s in her sixties and no matter how hard I try, the images won’t go away.

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    jburke6000 Says:
    March 26th, 2011 at 4:04 pm
    If we ever defeat the psychopaths and grow up, we will be capable of such cool stuff.

    Larry Glick Says:
    March 26th, 2011 at 7:20 pm
    Although eventually this technology will filter down to the “hobbyist” or toy level, no doubt Washington will declare it a potential “weapon of mass destruction” and ban it like machine guns, bombs, etc. What the Government is really afraid of is the public using these devices to find out what mischief our own leaders are actually perpetrating.

  10. jdmaniac says:

    Great blog, great post! I was just about to get back into gas rc helis when I took a detour into electric quadricopters and fell in love with the AR.drone. I’ve worked on some unmanned drones professionally, and the Parrot is really advanced at an amazingly low price. You can even control it from an Android phone now.