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4 Responses to “What is Consciousness ?”

  1. dukeb says:

    Thought provoking graphic. Memory must be the essence of consciousness. Isn’t consciousness the perception of the flow of time, which is the encoding of the past as information in the physical chemistry of the Now.

  2. tagyoureit says:

    This reminds me a of a recurring dream where I’m standing in front of a closed window. In the dream, I am trying to decide if I’m having a dream or I’m actually awake. I decide that if I am dreaming, I can pass through the window without breaking it and without falling to my death. Then I pass through the glass and wake up. Then I spend the next couple hours thinking about it and wishing I could fall back to sleep.

  3. tagyoureit says:

    I hit submit too fast. I still cannot decide that my “thoughts” contained in the dream are conscious (lucid dreaming) or simply a part of the dream itself.

  4. contrabandista13 says:

    “What is Consciousness….?”

    Who cares….? What….! You gonna look a gift horse in the mouth….?