Back in June 2009, we held a Big Picture Conference (Recap here).

The response to the last conference was terrific; We are thinking about doing another one in September of this year (2011).

This is always a bit of a project: The conference rooms cost money, as does flying people in and hosting them. I try to keep the costs reasonable (say $895 versus a typical $2500 at some conferences). So before proceeding, I wanted to ask the crowd a few questions:

• Who would you like to hear speak?

• What panels/subjects/discussions would you like to see covered?

• What is the ceiling of a reasonable fee?

Use the comments to add your thoughts or suggestions . . .

For those of you interested in attending, add your email address and I will keep you updated as to the speakers list and agenda as it develops.

Stay Up on speakers and schedule for the Big Picture Conference

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18 Responses to “2011 Big Picture Investor Conference”

  1. Tim says:

    Love the conference idea. I’ll attend this year as a professional, if you’ll have me!

    I love Harrison for general audience stuff; not sure he fits necessarily as a speaker for your conference. Depew is quite good with the behavioral stuff, definitely up your alley and likely worth it should you chose to do a feature on that end of the business. So I’ll suggest either Todd Harrison or Kevin Depew for you.

  2. druce says:


    David Leareah
    Ben Stein
    Kevin Hassett
    Arthur Laffer
    Peter Wallison
    Terry McGraw

    who’d I miss? :)

  3. gman says:

    1. Inflation/Deflation debate
    2. $ bull/ bear
    3. I also like the behaviorist/human bias angle to think about trading/investing.
    4. Any speaker that can gore long revered sacred cows of investing theory/consensus
    5. A bit on HFT or technicals

  4. rashley314 says:

    Probably not a good speaker, but Tom Keene would be a tremendous moderator.

  5. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Is the locale, NYC, set in stone? Other cities could well be cheaper overhead-wise across the board, thereby reducing the cost of attendance appreciably.

  6. dedalus says:

    Invite James Grant, founder & editor of “Grant’s Interest Rate Observer.”

    He’s been the brightest light on Wall Street for over 30 years.

    Hear his testimony to the FCIC investigators here:

  7. kenny powers says:

    My wishlist (any one of these is a reason to go).

    Dylan Grice
    Gary Shilling
    Marc Faber
    Hugh Hendry
    Chris Whalen
    Jim Leitner (if he does speaking engagements)
    Rick Rule
    James Grant
    James Montier
    Albert Edwards
    David Einhorn

  8. kenny powers says:

    forgot a few others:

    Rob Arnott
    Felix Zulauf
    Kyle Bass
    Jim Rickards
    Louise Yamada
    Jeremy Grantham
    Paul Tudor Jones
    Robin Griffiths
    Doug Casey
    Bud Conrad
    Andrew Smithers
    David Chancellor
    John Dizard

  9. scowlfaceq02 says:

    A few suggestions for speakers are Mark Mobius and Ray Dalio on the economy and the markets.

    I would like to see a discussion on how retail & institutional investors can profit from the global growth story taking place in Africa.

  10. druce says:

    some random non-tongue-in-cheek suggestions

    Mike Burry
    Steve Eisman
    Doug Kass
    Brooksley Born
    Joe Stiglitz
    Laurence Kotlikoff

  11. PierreB says:

    • Who would you like to hear speak?
    1)Joseph Stiglitz,

    • What panels/subjects/discussions would you like to see covered?
    1) Behavioral economics
    2) Deflation/inflation debate

    • What is the ceiling of a reasonable fee?

  12. wildebeest says:

    These guys are not specific for investment but nevertheless:

    Bill Black — we kinda know what he’ll say but always worth listening to

    From economics side of things to discuss debt and deficits how about

    Steve Keen
    Warren Mosler
    Bill Mitchell

    If Faber attends can you offer to pay him extra if he dresses like Dr Strangelove and sits in a wheelchair?

  13. faulkner says:

    In keeping the name of your blog, I’m looking for The Big Picture at your conference, as well as the opportunity to meet other “outliers” of the investment world who value your wide ranging perspective.

    As for speakers, in addition to yourself, I would like to hear more from Robert J. Shiller, James Montier, Gary Shilling, and David Rosenberg. I think short TED like times for each speaker (18 minutes max) followed by well moderated panels would could bring out the best in those invited. Also, you could video some of this for the site.

    Looking forward to it.

  14. minimumnz says:

    Paul Kedrosky.
    Agree with faulkner’s choices too.

  15. minimumnz says:

    Also hold it while the US Open tennis is on in September please :).

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  17. Mightybillfuji says:

    Functionally, I would hold the event in one of the many large, nice conference type hotels around Newark Airport. Train links make this easy to get to from NYC itself (or a very short drive) and anyone flying in would find it obviously quite convenient. Price of the hotels would likely be far lower than that of those in say Manhattan itself.

  18. Yeah, but then you are in Newark!

    Interesting no one wants to hear from Krugman or Reich. Bob has a great video you should post Barry: