On April 27, Ben Bernanke will do something no Fed chief has done before: Stand before journalists two hours after a policy meeting and answer questions about the central bank’s decisions.

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4 Responses to “Bernanke Plans to Make Voice Heard”

  1. BearishNews says:

    And what a confident voice it has been lately… These should be interesting.

  2. crunched says:

    Total desperation. Bernanke now has his reputation, his job, and the fate of the entire country inextricably tied to whether or not the S & P rises or falls. Even people who tried to do the safe thing and stay away from the stock market will pay.

    The bottom line is he gambled, and lost. According to his own misguided visions he should be a hero right now, unwinding QE2 into a robust recovery. The problem is he spent so much time lying to the public regarding the state of the economy (sub-prime contained) to cover the Fed’s own ass, that he wound up believing his own lies and set policy accordingly.

  3. can we show up with press passes and pitchforks?

    If he wants to make his voice heard he should set interest rates to 10% overnight. That will be a shout and collective backlash that will be heard the world over.

    Cue emporer Bernanke