California bankruptcy court Denies US Bank as trustee relief from stay; Court says recording is required BEFORE foreclosure, not after.

Order Br Cally So Dist Salazar vs Us Bank Denying Mfrs Mers 4 11 2011

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2 Responses to “California Dings MERS”

  1. SO COOL!

    I’m so looking forward to joining a class action suit!!!
    (attorney calls welcome)

    Here I come, John Stumpf!

    (It’s a long story… the short version is they’re idiots why can’t handle the assets their supposed to handle even when the owner was trying to be co-operative and they could’ve had rent covering mortgage with a month or two forebearance.)

    But here’s the funny part:

    A few days AFTER they foreclosed (stupidly after a short sale price had been agreed to with Wachovia and in the midst of shifting to Wells)…

    A visitor (nobody I know and not visiting me) BROKE HIS ANKLE IN THE BACK YARD!!!

    And is now SUING WELLS FARGO! Who are claiming that THEY DON”T OWN IT!

    I can’t wait to find out who does…

    The TBTF banks, by their very nature are incapable of making wise decisions on a granular basis. This whole process has been an exercise in collective ‘justice’ enforced by a corrupt partnership between the banking sector and government. They are simply trying to cover-up what is really FUBAR and hope we won’t notice their responsibility.

    This hurts ALL homeowners… which is why, btw… ALL mortgages should be reset to true market (in alignment with wages and rents).

    Would that cause a problem in the bond market?
    Duh… yes!

    But I thought in the free market there was supposed to be a price to pay for poor risk assessment?

    I don’t think they’re going to get away with it… nor will any political party that defends it (covertly or otherwise).

  2. Chad says:

    With all the court decisions going against big banks are we going to see a politicaly backlash (bank funded of course) against judges “overstepping” their authority?