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Case Shiller 100 Year Chart (2011 Update)

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On April 13, 2011 @ 7:00 am In Real Estate,Valuation | Comments Disabled

In 2006, just as the Housing market was peaking, the NYT ran this graphic [1] of the 100-year Case Shiller chart. It showed how radically overvalued Housing had become.

Two years later, TBP reader Steve Barry updated that graphic, including the projected Home Price mean reversion. (See versions for 2008 [2], 2009 [3] and 2010 [4]).

Its time to update this for 2011. Note the 2009 tax credit wiggle:

click for larger version

We plan to keep updating this annually until that mean reversion to fair value is achieved.



Note: This chart has been liberally copied without identifying either the source or author. If you see this elsewhere on the intertubes, you should recognize that it was created by Steve Barry, and is originally published here at TBP.

This chart may be reproduced freely if appropriate authorship/publishing credit is given.

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