This is my keynote presentation this morning:

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18 Responses to “Follow the Money: How Systemic Bank Fraud Contributed to the Financial Crisis”

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    Big Congrats!!!!

  3. macrotrader603 says:

    BARRY, excellent work my friend.

  4. Lariat1 says:

    This should be mandatory reading for anyone who actually wants to be a a part of the solution to this mess. Also for anyone who just wants to understand what happened. But I fear that Superman is dead along with ” truth, justice, and the American way.”

  5. Greg0658 says:

    on the invitation a couple days ago, I was drafting in my head – so this is 1st draft in words – it actually set me adrift with mass media – sorta turned off by these days – I really feel actions and reactions are set in motion -time will settle the score in true capitalism ways – hope you have your stores and gated communities in place – for I fear disaster capitalism is at hand

    if I could write some words that would actually make a difference:

    1> I’d request more return of family and individual rights over community & corporate rights .. a guy must have the ability to spare his family from the over-run of larger communities .. slide13 =1milBC and slide30 =faith/trust (hit my buttons) … HOW in urban areas and rural areas vary > chickens & gardens or NOT in zoned areas … we have all been corralled by the centuries – and if the corporate/government structure doesn’t care for the smallest units who will ? you capitalists ?

    2> more simple advice – attempt to write rules that enforce themselves by not being to restrictive – write laws that you as a body of lawyers are primarily out of work – sitting around waiting for the phone to ring … seems impossible – maybe someday – everything will align

  6. MayorQuimby says:

    Good luck. You’re going to need it. We all are.

  7. michael-D says:

    BR — if nothing else, thank you very kindly for the attempt. i’m sure we’d all love to see a posting from you as to how your presentation was received and what, if any, conversations took place afterwards.

  8. HarleyHoward says:

    BR – Better yet, could you possibly get a recording (video) of this on-line? I would love to see the faces of those who are planning to shortly dive into the pig trough they are supposed to regulate, when they realize that we “lesser mortals” are onto them. They might actually have to forgo their personal gain to do the job they were elected/appointed to do!

  9. farmera1 says:


    Keep up the effort. There are very few influential voices out there that has the knowledge and understanding you posses. It must seem like you are a lone voice in the wilderness at times. But it is the only hope for our country. I know that maybe over dramatic, but I fear it is so. You are aligned against huge money, powerful media, politicians of dubious motives and skills, and much of the populace that thinks the problems are the “other folks”.

    Stay strong. Your work is needed and appreciated.

  10. treardon says:

    Barry excellent presentation, I try to relay this message to my clients on a daily basis, however most are still in some stage of denial that our institutions, banks and govt, would let this happen let alone promote this type of activity. I too would appreciate a follow-up post presentation.

  11. JimmyDean says:

    Well put BR. Let’s hope they do something about it!!
    If they don’t follow up, then we might as well give crowns to the oligarch banksters who will pretty much be de-facto rulers of this once great country. Game over, they won. It’s enough to make you want to grab your pitchfork!!

  12. RadioFlyer says:

    Slides 32-34 are obsolete, as Google has gotten out of the real estate listings game as of 2 months ago:


    BR: Doh!

  13. CitizenWhy says:

    I thought fraud was a crime. And that people get arrested for committing crimes. So since no one got arrested I don’t see how what you say could be true. Sort of.

  14. Gnatman says:

    The Virginia AG is more concerned with permitting guns into religious services. Why would he be fixated on bankers’ business?

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