Everyone else is on Pacific coast time, still sleeping off the effects of protein, fat and alcohol, while I can’t help but get up at my regular hour. (Last night, we gobbled down delicious steak at Starks in Santa Rosa). Even the dogs are asleep.

So I am sitting all alone in the kitchen of a big dark house, where its still too dark to see the Horse Barn out back.

Ahhh, but the rest of the world is already up and at ‘em. Gotta find out what’s going on, so these are what I am looking at this morning:

• Fed’s Biggest Foreign-Bank Bailout Saved U.S. Muni Bonds (Bloomberg)
• Wall Street Lobbies Treasury on Dodd-Frank (Dealbook)
• Regulators Ready Enforcement Against Servicers as State AGs Stall (American Banker)
• Biggest Rise in Profits Since 1900 Sustains Rally After S&P 500′s 97% Gain (Bloomberg)
• 5 Ways GE Plays the Tax Game (Pro Publica)
• The Canada bubble (MacLeans)
• Related Cos to Buy Stake in Fannie Apartment Portfolio (WSJ)
• Critics’ review unexpectedly supports scientific consensus on global warming (LA Times)
• The No-Baby Boom: A growing number of couples are choosing to live child-free. (Details)
• The Sleepless Elite: Why Some People Can Run on Little Sleep and Get So Much Done (WSJ)

During my travels, did I miss anything worthwhile ?

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  1. Greg0658 says:

    8:03AM must be eastern blogtime for your 5:03AM pacific zone with an hour to collect (you didn’t drink enough)

    the “choosing to live child-free” was an intresting story & touched on the freedom, savings, worrylessness of that option .. but breezed or missed the allotment of race/religion (tribes) aspect in the world mix .. missed the need in capitalism ie the need to expand or get contraction .. breezed over the music/joy/life (live laugh love) ie a kids eye .. and not least the righting aspect fact (that you all know) – if you have to much of a commodity it losses value

    and all those additional thoughts is why that is still an interesting story

  2. I know you weren’t asking for recommendations, but I re-read this speech over the weekend…
    Well worth it!

  3. QuickBuck says:

    Love being in San Diego…would get up at 4AM work out and get more work done before others made it into the office

  4. rktbrkr says:

    Now here’s a shocker!

    Wall Street has plenty to say about the Dodd-Frank Act, and the Treasury Department is listening.

    The financial regulatory law has been the topic of conversation at dozens of meetings over the last several months between top government officials and titans of finance.

    In February, Treasury officials met with finance industry executives and lobbyists from about three dozen banks, asset management companies and trade groups, according to government records.

    Executives from Wall Street’s biggest names — Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup each huddled with Treasury officials to discuss Dodd-Frank’s rules for derivatives, proprietary trading and capital levels.

    In contrast, Treasury officials heard little in February from consumer advocates and lobbyists who favor financial regulation, the records show.

    Wall Street lobbied hard to destroy or delay some regulations when Congress was considering the Dodd-Frank Act. Now the industry is aiming to influence regulators who are implementing the law at the Treasury Department and other agencies.

  5. Rightline says:

    Russell 2000 (quietly) opening at all time high


  6. NeutralObserver says:


    Boston Beer, maker of Sam Adams, is pledging $100,000 this year to small breweries to help them with start-up costs. Previously, Boston Beer donated funds to assist a range of start-ups, including restaurateurs, baristi and bakers. Koch says the effort has helped fill a void because banks aren’t willing to provide loans that are small and risky, as start-up loans usually are.

  7. VennData says:

    The Associated Press: GOP budget seen raising health costs for retirees


    What are these liberals at the Ass Press spewing about? The statesmen of the GOP aren’t going to make my health care more expensive, they are going to cut government! Cut Cut CUT!

    FCC.gov Reboots as an Open Government Platform

    NO!. Keep it turned off. From now on anyone can send out any electronic thingees anywhere. What difference does it make? …when you send those signal nosies things out to mobile phones, you can be free to send the thingee out on any of those spectres, or musicbands or whatever that you want. We don’t need government!


    Radiation Is Everywhere, But How to measure Harm?

    Sorry you bloated, lazy yardbirds. Radiation testing is simply nonessential. Take the people who printout the Social Security checks and run all the IT departments nationwide with you. Useless asshats.


    Staring at the Sun, NASA’s Messenger

    Get your hands off the controls you dumb ass nitwits and get your over-paid-relative-to-the-private-sector asses out of those chairs. Crashing into Mercury? What do I care, Stop telling us all this outerspace gobbledegook and go home. Everything I need to know is in the Bible.


    Plane Inspections Rise After Southwest Scare

    Get your hands off our planes and get a real job, in the real world.


    Supreme Court Grants Reprieve to Texas Inmate Scheduled to Die

    Time to go home you useless pieces of dung. And we’re keeping the deposits on your robes.


  8. I missed your open thread last night. I just want to say I am at max cash in my gold positions (the only position that is a fully built and functional system in my port.). That is about 30% cash. I’m not saying it can’t go higher. It is just that my system has triggered my maximum sell points. This time of year is the traditional spring rally on the seasonal calendar for the gold market so everything is making sense. If we follow the normal pattern we should top out in a couple weeks and start towards the July yearly low point


    Some of these are Amazing – Perfectly Timed Photos


    Ball on a String Game

    Yes, it can be done. Figure it out yourself suckers!

    If you don’t then refer to the next link


    Psycho in 30 Seconds

    It is amazing how much time is wasted on movies
    when they could all be explained in 30 seconds


    Earth’s gravity shaped like a potato

    3DHD image here:




  9. Fred C Dobbs says:

    Tell us what is going on on the left coast, since we don’t get much news in the east about the west.

  10. tnoll says:

    Last night, we gobbled down delicious steak at Starks in Santa Rosa

    Mr R!! You were right around the corner! I missed the presence of greatness.


  11. investard says:

    Mmmm, Starks. Sure hope you ordered the marrow side.

  12. I don’t know if I’m one of those sleepless elites but I do a thing called sleep ‘fasting’. I fast sleep like some fast their food. Usually it is because I must given my lifestyle circumstances. According to the article I disqualify myself because I make the attempt to make up for the lost sleep. That seems to get harder and harder though

  13. formerlawyer says:

    Both from: http://thebrowser.com/

    The danger of Google’s monopoly on search:


    The danger of prediction:


  14. TripleB says:

    Dear lord – sauteed foie gras on a dry-aged New York steak (medium rare, please) – sounds divine!

  15. LLouis says:

    From The Oil Drum:
    Fukushima Dai-ichi status and prognosis
    Posted by Euan Mearns on March 31, 2011 – 2:13am


    Comparison between Chernobyl and Fukushima explaining why its worse than Chernobyl ….
    ” …daily release of radioactive 131I and 137Cs is running at around 73% and 60% of Chernobyl respectively.”
    ” The Chernobyl fire burned for 8 to 10 days whilst Fukushima Dai-ichi has been emitting radioactive material for around 15 days with no end in sight.” (now 21 days)
    ” 131I will continue to be a problem for so long as it is leaking from the site but will decay to zero quite quickly once leakage stops. 137Cs may be a problem for about 150 years.”

    Personal note: Radioactive Cesium will be a problem for 150 years indeed and it will BIOMAGNIFY (will concentrate in the food chain). Fishes, sharks, whales and birds can travel very far… I hope to find an expert view on the effects of 137Cs from Fukushima on marine wildlife.

    The comments following this article are very interesting, up to now the winds have rather spared Tokyo,
    but DasMonde says: “The prevalent winds are going to be towards the ocean for a couple of months, while Siberia is warming slowly. Then winds will become more chaotic with the rainy season in June, and the wind would blow mostly towards the warm continent in later summer.”
    Euan Mearns adds: “Its clear that when the wind changes direction and it rains the terrestrial contamination issue may become much more serious.”
    Iaato blasts about Tokyo: “This is the unstated question of the experts. No one is willing to ask the question, because there is no solution to the problem. You cannot evacuate a city of 38 million (and by inference everyone in between, plus the populations to the north not already gone from the tsunami). My guess is that eventually, additive effects from fallout will cause Tokyo to become uninhabitable, primarily due to toxic tapwater. Hopefully by that time most will have left of their own volition. How soon this happens depends on prevailing winds.”

    … well lets hope the worst won’t happen, in the latest news, they started pumping nitrogen in one of the reactor to prevent more hydrogen blasts, also local fishermen are angry about the dumping of 11500 tons of low-level radioactive water into the sea.