Readin’ is good for ya:

Joe Nocera: Letting the Banks Off the Hook (NYT) My favorite column today
• Gold Kisses $1,500 (Bloomberg)
• Overvalued, Overbought, Overbullish (Hussman)
• The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science (MoJo)
The Beeb eavesdrops on that ratings agency downgrade meeting (BBC)
• Is Twitter worth $10 billion? (Marketwatch)
• Tax Rates Down Dramatically for the Super Wealthy (Atlantic Wire)
• Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq (The Independent)
• Andrew Sarris on Film Criticism (The Browser)
• How I, a married, middle-aged man, became an accidental spokesperson for gay rights overnight (Richard Metzger)

What choo readin’ (when ya aint datin’ yer cuzins?)

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24 Responses to “Tuesday LinkFest”

  1. druce says:

    Why the USA should default on its debt, by Chris Whalen, who has graced these pages with his insights

  2. swag says:

    Cheer up with Paul Farrell’s “10 Doomsday trends America can’t survive” over at Marketwatch –

  3. pastafarian says:

    From John Gruber’s Daring Fireball:

    The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science
    Chris Mooney on why cold hard facts and scientific evidence seldom change the minds of those who already hold a strong opinion. (E.g., climate-change deniers, vaccines-cause-autism believers.) Fascinating but utterly depressing.

  4. pastafarian says:

    URL for The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science,/i>:


  5. willid3 says:

    but the biggest cause of all of the economic problems of late

  6. Jojo says:



  7. MorticiaA says:

    Well, considering I’m DESPERATE for a vacation and I’m going to New Orleans Jazz Fest in early May, I’m poring over music schedules.
    On Friday, do I see Arcade Fire or Willie Nelson? On Saturday, do I see Jimmy Buffett or The Strokes? These are difficult decisions which will require some cold barley pops in order to put the choices in proper perspective.

    The choices will also help keep me from dwelling on scary stuff, like mind reading drones.

  8. rktbrkr says:

    Busey endorses Trump. Further proof of the need for helmets!

  9. druce says:

    Cool videos from INET a couple of weeks back.

    The first 3 are relative snoozers, but the last 4 hit it out of the park.

  10. Rouleur says:

    Morticia – that is funny, “NO”…since it fits with my view re. the fest…

    …love the crescent city, but, it is hardly a real “JAZZ” fest

    …enjoy to the max, nonetheless

  11. Christopher says:

    Nine months in solitary confinement with no trial….


  12. Christopher says:

    “Jimmy Buffett or The Strokes”

    or how about I just stick this fork in my ear repeatedly until my brains fall out….

  13. MorticiaA says:

    Christopher, regarding the music choices:
    That’s hilarious, and if it were coming from my iPod I’d agree with you. And agreed with Rouleur that it’s hardly a “jazz” festival….
    However, I get a four day outdoor break from CFA Level 2 study immersion. They can put Tom Jones on stage for all I care – I get to let go of valuing forward rate agreements and bootstrapping Treasury curves for a few days.

    As for music festivals, Austin City Limits wins hands-down in talent quality as well as coolness factor.

  14. Christopher says:


    Ifn you’re ever in Austin area and you’re really looking to blow off some steam at a live show….

  15. Christopher says:

    Or there is always the Austin carnival scene….

  16. MorticiaA,

    you know, when you get through that CFA study, and you’re looking for some *real fun..

    try some Series 3 & 4 ..

    but, past that, re: Fest, I’m might be giving ol’ Jimmy the Rest that he so richly deserves..(read: feel free to take a Pass)

  17. Greg0658 says:

    is there any financial link between the 2 Arthur films and the Royal weddings ? I got looking – and I find in USA 12 & 21 days between release date & the weddings – just coincidence?

  18. Greg0658 says:

    I was looking into this story last night too .. First Ladies jet and military cargo plane get to close in flight .. like 2 miles instead of like 3 miles* – the prompter readers & news writers blame the traffic controllers. Without knowing the exact speed of the jets involved I Googled average speed and calculated 13 seconds between jet engine washes (TopGun stuff). My bet is the big fat cargo was the 1st Ladies limo and secret service tail cars. The 1st Ladies jet being slim and trim caught up in the same air path and traffic controllers fixed the situation with S curves and a fly-by since the cargo was slow getting off the landing strip. Next time maybe have the faster plane lead, and that I believe is pilot planning.

    *coda – 2 miles is turning into 3 & 5 as the story grows

  19. VennData says:

    Obama Panel to Curb Medicare Finds Foes in Both Parties

    You know you’re doing the right thing when both parties don’t like it … Independent Payment Advisory Board means doctor’s salaries are going down.

    How happy they will be in the long run, to not be subject to those inevitable, humiliating, small increases on their marginal tax rates ( plus increase payroll tax caps for them and their small businesses.)

    They might just have to further increase consolidation across this American industry that is screaming out for more roll ups. …especially with Obama’s insurance exchanges and Paul Ryan’s insurance exchanges sounding so similar …er …a …radically different.

  20. VennData says:

    Last of Gulf closed by spill reopens to fishing

    No! This is Obama’s Katrina… and the Christmas bomber was his Pearl Harbor, his wife’s plane is his Hindenburg!! He’s ruined America. just look look at the Chinese with their 40% tax rates and their three trillion dollar surplus…

    … imagine if THEY cut tax rates. It’s their money and they want it NOW!!!

    It makes me feel good about how I shouted that over and over and over after Bush got elected and got my money back. Thanks Bush!

  21. Greg0658 says:

    VennData that was an interest’g hashout in “china-3-trillion-reserves-2011-4″
    ie: the other side of the accounting sheet and where/what to do with excess reserves

    on your last post & “Thanks Bush!” .. I think I understood that piece above better (thats not saying much “me smart” on this stuff) .. than understanding your position on Bush returning excess reserves in the governments accounts to its people

    I’m left wondering – does America only need financial wizards, accountants & lawyers – these days?
    When my pension went west (& south) along with work for the guys – am I supposed to turn to Wall Street and kiss their feet? Because its all done in the book-keeping? I don’t think so.