Earlier this week, the NYT discussed how surprised the City was that their population had hardly grew.

Which brings me to this Moritz Stefaner visual exploration of where New Yorkers moved to in the last decade:


click for interactive graphic

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17 Responses to “Where New Yorkers Move To”

  1. Bokolis says:

    They must have left me (11791) off, as they didn’t have an option for my reasoning…for the steakhouses, of course.

  2. IS_LM says:

    This is an impressive tool. It would be interesting to learn how the flows werer tracked. Technically, however, this particular map includes New Jersey. I know that some consider residents of New Jersey and Long Island to be conjoined twins, but the Census does not ;)

  3. Greg0658 says:

    fyi – the white radius NY zone is about 21 driving miles .. was wondering so picked 3 zips on the edge & Googled
    07083 = 19.6 .. 07410 = 20.6 .. 11412 = 15.9 from Times Sq (center of the known universe :-)

  4. Robert in Chicago says:

    The data comes from voluntary submissions to a blog on the local NPR website. Don’t you think the sample might be a bit, um, _skewed_ for New Yorkers as a whole? I am a hard-core NPR listener and financial-blog reader, and even I don’t read NPR blogs. Look at that map: I’m pretty sure that, for a broader cross-section of New Yorkers, the top three non-NY/NJ addresses they move from and to are not Yale (New Haven) Harvard/MIT (Cambridge), and San Francisco Bay.

  5. Darmah says:

    I don’t care where they move to as long as it’s not NC. I’m seeing far too many NY and NJ plates lately.

  6. bm says:

    @Darmah didn’t you hear? NC is considered the new Long Island. : )

  7. Michael M Thomas says:

    There are two mislabeled dots: all zips that begin with 112 are Brooklyn. The way these are labeled, Dumbo and Red Hook are, like the House of Loreto, transported to the west bank of the East River.

  8. USSofA says:

    Ouch…, that made my ears hurt.
    Earlier this week, the NYT discussed how surprised the City was that their population had hardly grew. Try GROWN

  9. JohnS says:

    I’m having trouble getting past the grammar of “how surprised the City was that their population had hardly grew”.

  10. USSofA says:

    What’s to be surprised about. You spend your working years in a place that pays above average wages and you put up with above average expenses during that time. You retire and take your marbles to a place where the expenses are low. When you leave you are replaced with a person who will be doing the same thing. The population remains static and the marbles go elsewhere.,

  11. DrungoHazewood says:


    And warmer!

  12. econimonium says:

    USSofA, what are you talking about? Look at those clusters, are those low expense areas? Cambridge? Greater Boston? California?

    Oh and, btw, would you New Yorkers please stop coming up here to Boston? We don’t need any more Yankee fans and people saying “cawfee” around here. ;)

  13. dsawy says:

    Barry, you’re just a sucker for a well-done graphic presentation of data, aren’t you? ;-)

  14. neljmar says:

    Noticed that the folks who moved to Ashevagas, NC were linked to FL : local term “half backs”. New Yorkers who move to Florida and only make it half way back. Cool graphic!

  15. Greg0658 says:

    couple of posts hit a nerve but USSofA said it last .. what about us out here in podunk USA – you eastern-earners bring your cash in & that spells inflation – if our podunk wages can’t keep up .. maybe I should take a boat ride to China? that paper-pusher (in skyscrapers) well of $$$

  16. Greg0658 says:

    “well of $$$” = cheap new labor + eager nation in environmental law + eager nation for new world knowledge*

    “skyscrapers” – sometimes I can’t get over how well designed that backbone is .. mass transit systems built w/OPM to get the workers in as efficiently as possible – (with dream creations like, but not alone) transportation taxes world over ” jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money”

    *coda – oh those glorious ClintonI years of surplus+es .. HOL

  17. Jack says:

    CARY, NC = Containment Area for Retired Yankees.

    Forget zip codes, it’s area codes; there are “718er” clubs in Monmouth/Ocean counties.