Good Monday morning. We awake today to some unusual cross currents that are pressuring markets:

• IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrested on sexual assault charges;

• U.S. government expected to hit the $14.294 trillion debt ceiling Monday at midnight;

• Greece plead for more aid; EU officials to consider additional budget cuts in exchange for more aid.

• Goldman Sachs lowered its rating on Japanese & Korean Equities, (China and Taiwanese remain “overweight”) Asian stocks were lower on the day

• The US four day losing streak is the longest since February

• Euro trading at 1.4128, its lowest level since March.

• Silver dipped to $34.60 an ounce

• Gold & Oil extended declines from Friday.

• European earnings estimates drop the most since 2009

Quite a few strange things are afoot at the Circle K . . .


More later . . .

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4 Responses to “Global Concerns Pressure Equities”

  1. supersyllable says:

    Your Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure quote forced me to sign up as a member so I could comment.

    That’s quite an impressive range you have Mr. Ritholtz. From in-depth commentary on the financial crisis both from a legal standpoint but also as a money manager…..to Bill S. Preston (esq.) quotes. NICE!

  2. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Aye! They nabbed “the great seducer of women”!?! Turns out the gameplan for such is to hide naked in the bathroom until the maid shows up and then chase her down the hallway… I wonder if one of our high profile yanks, say Joe Biden for example, got caught ‘seducing’ a maid in France how the French would react?

  3. buzzp says:

    $14.294 limit? According to Treasury website, it was $14.307 on Friday….

  4. rip says:

    Anyone recall Al Gore’s little attempted soiree with a “masseuse” in Portland? Or Newt? Or JFK? Seems to come with the territory.

    Sarkozy? Seems like a horny dog to me also, but he was smart enough to hook a winner with some class.

    PS @BR: You’re sites doing some goofy stuff.