Greek Debt Crisis “An Absolute Nightmare,” FT’s Wolf Says
Aaron Task
May 11, 2011

Category: Bailouts, Credit, Video

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4 Responses to “Wolf: Greek Debt Crisis “An Absolute Nightmare””

  1. Nuggz says:

    Oh my Mr. Wolf what did you expect? Greece has been a financial disaster for the last 2,000 years and not paying taxes, VAT, etc… is an artform in Greece.

    Private investors will get a nice haircut(as they should), the ECB will bail them out, and the Greeks will stage yet another example of faux outrage for two days followed by 2 months of vacation.

    Life goes on.

  2. gordo365 says:

    Avoiding paying taxes is a national pass time in Greece. So is demonstrating for 13 pension checks a year, and mandatory retirement at 50 years old.

    The people of Greece are responsible for their own destruction. F-em.

    “Don’t piss where y0u fish” as gramdpa would say.

  3. Oh my Mr. Wolf what did you expect?


    Right? This! is ‘News’!

  4. Francois says:

    3 steps solution:

    1) Cancel/reduce the debt
    2) Don’t lend again for the next half century
    3) Let the Greeks fend for themselves and grow up for a change