FusionIQ CEO and Director of Equity Research Barry Ritholtz says brace yourself for years of anemic growth as the economy recovers from a debt binge. He also slams so-called” deficit peacocks” who strut their stuff on trimming the budget but don’t really tackle the problem.

5/13/2011 3:59:49 PM

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6 Responses to “Ritholtz: Slow Growth the New Normal”

  1. fatelephant says:

    Jeans and sneakers for Wall Street interview === many thumbs up. Like.

  2. Francois says:


    You seriously anticipate we’ll have any real growth at all?

  3. miker says:

    a GRAND SLAM, thanks barry.

  4. socaljoe says:

    I believe your sentiments regarding our government reflect the beliefs of many Americans.

    We are taught that, as a democracy, we have a choice of leadership… it appears we have been misled.

  5. emaij says:

    Another fantastic interview. It’s particularly impressive given that part of what you are criticizing is exactly what the WSJ engages in every day on their editorial page.

    I just posted it at http://www.CapitalismWithoutFailure.com


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