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5 Responses to “The End Of Computers As We Know It”

  1. mitchw says:

    I don’t think so. We’re entering a world of the internet of things, where more devices will communicate via cheapo low power chips based on the ARM architecture. Servers may also go ARM, using a fraction of the power; a tree hugger’s delight. You watch.

  2. R-Bob says:

    Wow, awesome info-graphic-porn

    You are a digital media junkie !

  3. emaij says:

    Where is the Singularity in there?

  4. patfla says:

    The first ‘quantum computer’ was just sold by a company called D-Wave to Lockheed Martin.

    Well sort of. You read the comments and judge for yourself.

    Is it a quantum computer in the sense of quantum physics? No. But it is a machine that lifts a radically different idea of computation from out of quantum physics that allows one to computer certain problems that are now immensely difficult with far greater ease.