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7 Responses to “American Eejits Demand Magic Answers!”

  1. MikeNYC says:

    Why only American?

  2. Nuggz says:

    I am quite sure that they will turn to the Good Book for answers.

  3. You want to know what else is wrong with America?

    1) Stupid politicians who care more and more about their own jobs and less and less about America.
    2) Too much household debt.
    3) Stupid public who is easily manipulated by smart people. Look how badly Obama fooled everyone.

  4. willid3 says:

    we will magic answers. and give tax cuts to our bosses too! and to fund those we will cut every thing that you depend on to retire, because you won’t even notice that we have done so. and even though we tell you that we did that to get he deficit under control, we will accomplish that in 2050 or so. long enough for you to forget that we even mentioned that!

  5. atswimtwobirds says:

    Amadán, if you really want to use the Irish word for fool.

  6. victor says:

    Try this: All Governments Lie: The Life and Times of Rebel Journalist I. F. Stone

    Here’s a better one from famous Louisiana Democrat Governor Huey Long when asked what to tell his constituents about one of his many broken promises: “Tell them I lied”

  7. ToNYC says:

    As children, we learned naturally to be told stories. As I remember, some were scary yet persistent, and we were always relieved to hear the ones with the happy endings. Some grow up and learn to make their own stories and live their own plays. The real difficulty for us all comes when kindergarten graduates begin to forget the one most important lesson, to respect the rights of others. Now if each successive grade demanded that prerequisite for civilized life, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.