I tweeted this yesterday, but its too good not to post:  From the Credit Blog comes this epic infoporn on TBTF.  Below is only the first 5% or so of it; you must click for the full graphic.


Click for insanely ginormous infographic

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15 Responses to “Epic Too Big To Fail Infographic!”

  1. teraflop says:

    Me: “IT, I need to get another monitor.”
    IT: “your old one is busted?”
    Me: “No, I need *another* monitor.”
    IT: “why?”
    Me: “There’s this ginormous graphic…”
    IT: “”

  2. socaljoe says:

    How about Richard Nixon for removing gold backing from the currency. The gold standard would have forced discipline on credit creation, interest rates, fiscal deficits, and trade deficits, instead of leaving it up to greedy, corrupt, and incompetent human beings… in other words it would have forced us to grow sustainably within our means.

  3. Woof says:

    Fun, but somehow tarnished by the fact that they apparently don’t know how to spell ‘Bernanke.’

    Or is that some kind of inside joke I missed?

  4. James says:

    Wonderful . . . it ought to be sent as a full page poster to every home and Congressional office in America for framing so memories don’t fade . . .

  5. Woof says:

    Or ‘Geithner’, BTW.

  6. Niskyboy says:

    Really, it is disgusting that a bunch of thse guys haven’t gone to jail. Aren’t there supposed to be consequences?

  7. StatArb says:

    preaching to the choir

  8. FRolff_56 says:

    “epic infoporn” that is pretty funny…

  9. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    That’s one hell of a chart. It could be used as a road map for indictments.

    Uncle Ronny started it all. Every dumb ass idea the man or his advisors had, no matter how ill-conceived, was carved in stone, blessed, sainted, worshiped and expounded upon by the Republicans for the past 30 years. Even David Stockman has repudiated Reaganomics. We should make it a priority to rename everything we ever named after this dolt.

    Criminality: Wachovia laundered drug money (potentially $300 billion +) and paid a relatively small fine. And we wonder why Mexico’s criminal cartels can challenge its government for supremacy.

  10. Woof says:

    I was starting to feel bad about being petty then I noticed they also misspelled “Shapiro”.

    Apparently the problem with making a really big infographic is that by the time you get to the bottom of it you are way too worn out to proofread anymore.

  11. farfetched says:

    Nah, by the time you get to the bottom of a graphic like this the actual chain of events, data and criminality challenges even the greatest speller with overwhelming anger and nausea.

    I’m surprised the graphic doesn’t just spell everyone’s name FELON. Federal Reserve Chairman Felon, Secretary Felon, Professor Felon, etc. etc.

    Then at least the spelling would be accurate.

    I forgot…..why do we let them live? If we let them live, shouldn’t we claw back all of their ill gotten gains as a reminder to those in the future? As it is, that saying “crime doesn’t pay” is total BS.

  12. Herb2 says:

    Where are Phil Gramm and Bill Clinton for having passed the CDO enabling legislation that carefully avoided calling the instrument insurance so that regulation could be avoided? Where is the army of ideologues who swore by unfettered capitalism? Did these people know why the insurance industry was regulated and see an opportunity, or were they devoid of any sense of history, financial or otherwise?

  13. advocatusdiaboli says:

    Quantitative easing explained (apologies if you have seen this before)


  14. ricecake says:

    That surly make my blook boiling. I’m angry and mad as hell!

  15. emaij says:

    It’s very good. But there are a few typos in it.

    I think it (the poster and the event) should be called “The 2008 Crisis of the Ponzi Sector of the US Economy”. David Stockman spells out why here: http://www.capitalismwithoutfailure.com/2011/06/former-reagan-budget-director-david.html