In an exchange with Ben S. Bernanke of the Federal Reserve, Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, questioned whether regulation was too harsh. CNBC discusses whether this is the broad industry view.

DEALBOOK June 8, 2011, 2:56 pm

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4 Responses to “How Jamie Dimon Played on Wall Street”

  1. BusSchDean says:

    Part actual concern about over-regulation and part public display of concern for the benefit of his constituents (of which Dimon has many)?

  2. lalaland says:

    I wouldn’t trust Jamie Dimon’s prescience much – it didn’t serve him well previously. I think Dimon and other banksters still believe that anything that makes the banks profitable is good for America, when that’s simply not true (only for NYC, London, Geneva, HK and Singapore).

    Of course if they embraced reform it would boost confidence in the markets and bring investors in from the sidelines (who wants to get burned by the next flash crash anyway, right?) boosting the volume of trading they do, which would increase profits, but even that kind of thinking is too long term for the likes of Dimon.

  3. holulu says:

    Do not you guys see it ? Nothing has changed. It is all farce and show.
    TBTF is bigger, FED reserve has more control and authority now.
    They do not care about this country, only thing they care about is boosting their profit and their ego.
    Ordinary Americans are F*&ed. very sad, very sad.
    And Mr. Obama has been a huge disappointment, What CHANGE, What HOPE has he offered? ALL MIRAGE.

  4. XRayD says:

    Is that the best Jamie could do? Ask if anyone had “studied” the problem with new regulation?

    The experience of how regulation was scuttled and circumvented in the past, and what it did to the economy and millions of Americans does not matter?

    Hey, Jamie … HAVE YOU “studied” what Wall Street has done to America?

    And you wan’t more “financial innovation” to continue or do more of the same, only bigger and “better” for JPM?