Source: Kurt Vonnegut Interviewed on NPR Inside Second Life

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4 Responses to “Kurt Vonnegut Live in Second Life on NPR’s “The Infinite Mind.””

  1. keithpiccirillo says:

    Good stuff.
    Surreal content dialogue and vocalization, right down to the effect his chain smoking had on his hoarse, raspy voice and chuckle. I’ve not read any of his cousin’s books yet which deal with Wall Street.
    The sparse college crowd was perplexing, one would think they would be SRO.
    I’m not sure if he would have rejected all of technologies advances, e.g. our ability to replace body parts.
    His creativeness can be partially attributed to how he internalized and manifested a life philosophy after living through war. Rod Serling, the creator of Twilight Zone had a similar background.

  2. Greg0658 says:

    that multiple boinks remark (10min) .. I’ve wondered if there is a chemical reaction in the female reproductive organ that reacts over time to the introduction of multiple male dna chains during the search for MrRight time period .. where did he come up with that story proof ?

  3. Greg0658 says:

    so extended family I need to clarify Kurt was referring to male baldness w/multi-boinks – I extended that thought into another tangent … so then corporate supplied extented family of mine – have a nice & productive day – since I have dog for extended family I’m counting on ya