As long as we are nation building around the world, I know this little out of the way place in North America that could use some fixing up . . .


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10 Responses to “Nation Building Starts at Home . . .”

  1. Dow says:

    Washington DC is a beautiful city – at least it looks that way from the window of the limo on the way from airport to the hotel. Sidewalks and parks look nice. Lots of shady trees. Smart little boutiques and restaurants, places to shop and dine. Lots of jobs – just gotta ask the right people. Or join the military.

    Americans these days are just lazy whiners.

  2. cesium-137 says:

    BR- you can’t be serious. You’re trolling for crazy, hot-head comments, right?

  3. beaufou says:

    Someone is not listening to Sarah Palin…also

  4. huxrules says:

    I think we’ve run so long without a social safety network that we wouldn’t know it if one sat on our faces. Same goes with any large scale infrastructure improvements. As we’ve seen – any attempt to try to start these types of programs comes with massive distrust from the American public. I realize that’s because the capitalist pigs program most of the public – but thats another problem.

  5. digistar says:

    You are so right!

  6. Vergennes - VT says:

    The roads in Vermont are getting really bad. This year we have got a lot of rain and many roads are literally washing away. You will be driving along and you will notice massive holes along the edges of the road. This leads to more vehicle repairs. I have already replaced both front hubs on my truck. Tires are really take a beating too.

  7. VennData says:

    Nation building, I know one man who embraced nation building like no other, so put George W. Bush in charge of it… in spite of a dash of tiny rhetoric intellectually questioning it at one point, long ago, in an obscure forum.

    Bring back Bush.

  8. Bob A says:

    the same arguments (among others) we had during vietnam
    and the same ‘win the hearts and minds’ bs in afghanistan we had in vietnam
    it was delusional in vietnam and it’s delusional in afghanistan
    they don’t want us there. they never will.

  9. huesos says:

    Here’s another fine example of our tax dollars at work. For those of you who keep pointing to the explosive growth in the food stamp program, after reading this you’ll be amazed that 200 million people are not collecting them. Disgusting and being done in broad daylight