Stats of the Union: Explore U.S. Health Statistics on the iPad:

Stats of the Union (Fathom) by (Ben Fry)’s Fathom Information Design reveals the vital health signs of the U.S. on the iPad. The interactive visualization provides a geographical view on various detailed statistics, such as population demographics, risk factors and indicators of health, all aggregated per county.

Proud iPad owners can now explore the geographical distribution of age, population density or ethnicity, check how people are born (e.g. by parameter like birth weight, premature births) versus how they die (e.g. by cause like homicide, car crashes, heart disease). The population can be filtered by disease, preventative procedures or risk factors, and many other relevant parameters. In addition, interesting views or patterns can be saved and exported.

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Source: Infosthetics

Category: Data Analysis, Technology, Web/Tech

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6 Responses to “Stats Of The Union-App Released For IPad”

  1. Trevor says:

    Riiiiight. An iPad app that only works in one orientation…. Well done, GE. From the outset, this app smacks of old-world thinking trying to force itself into a modern era, no matter how useful it might be.

    Maybe the figures will be well presented, but the shock of a mono-orientation display has slowed my examination of what the app might do.

  2. rktbrkr says:

    TX and FL high uninsureds (no state income taxes)

    MA, WISC, MINN,IOWA,PA, state insurance mandates, strong socialist traditions,small numbers of minorities. MICH, OHIO ILL above average, strong unions

    Alaska high uninsured, Hawaii low.

  3. gopokes65 says:

    TX and FL are both border states, which equals illegals. What are the chances that if you are illegal you are going to make sure your kids have insurance?

  4. pintelho says:

    We need maps like these but instead of the borders being county lines, we need them to be district lines…with of course the picture and name and contact of the Congressional representatives for that district.

  5. bman says:

    Nice how the the hotter coler is used for the bad criteria, and then the contrast is overweighted towards the cooler color. With charting feature likes these who needs excel?

  6. Bruman says:

    Well, it looks very pretty, but Tufte would have issues with it, methinks.

    When you show count data on a map, you need something more like a dot density diagram. Shaded levels are better for per capita or per area types of measurements. Lots of skewed distributions in there too, so you can’t really see where things are really green, only where things are really blue.

    Navigation is kinda funky too, though manageable.

    But it looks pretty, I’ll give you that!