Some reads for the rest of the weekend:

• Taking wrong lessons from the banking crisis. (David Olive’s Everybody’s Business)
• The Great Corn Con (NYT)
• Whither Greece? (Truman Factor)
• Austerity Is Already Here, and It’s Killing the Recovery (The Atlantic) see also Mr Keynes and the moderns (Vox)
Madoff Trustee Demands $19 Billion in Damages (Bloomberg)
• Why Do Airlines Always Lose Money? Hint: It’s Not Due to Taxes or Fuel Costs (Freakonomics)
• Silly Liberals and Their So-Called “Facts” (Plain Blog About Politics) see also If Congress Does Nothing, The Deficit Will Disappear (Talking Points Memo)
Scorecasting: Swing for the Fences (London Review of Books)
• Misfires in Marketing at BlackBerry (WSJ)
• Practical Tips on Writing a Book from 23 Brilliant Authors (Neuro Tribes)

What are you reading?

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9 Responses to “Weekend Reading List”

  1. Greg0658 says:

    do I have to go out to Hennepin and get pictures for you antiCorn proCrudeOil thumpers .. the raw material corn kernel is drained of its sugar for lack of the correct term and turned into alcohol spirits to burn .. there is a sludge that is still useable as feed (altho probably with less nutrients)

    just when/how do we find a replacement to the CrudeOil .. when its totally gone .. when its $400 a barrel ?
    .. someone stated a couple days ago we should save the oil to fly planes and run big trucks on NatGas .. and I’ll add run Volt cars on electricity from wind-turbines and hydro-power with ethanol in a backup tank to go continuously cross country down Rt66

    I’m not paid to talk any book – just want sollutions – $ cost be damned – money is toilet paper – labor is real … ask me to weld an ethanol plant into being and then be a boondoggle (well – then thats war)

  2. Greg0658 says:

    ps – and world stop boinking if ya can’t provide* for them

    *coda – correctly (not even politically correctly) just plain Correctly

  3. derekce says:

    As far as Congress letting the tax cuts expire, I remember taxes being raised in 1994 by Clinton and in 1982 by Reagan to help reduce deficit spending and both times the economy and equity markets boomed right after.

  4. mathman says:

    The outlook for the future looks worse than what we have now (according to three articles here):

  5. Vilgrad says:

    Unforgiven – Clint Eastwood and the Fourth Turning.

  6. Arequipa01 says:

    I saw this ( a few days ago and felt that terrible rise of bile in my throat as the nature of our societal arrangement came into sharp relief. And then I came across this from Reuters:

    1. Justice In America: A Tale Of Two Crimes

    2. U.S. wants ex-mortgage boss to get life in prison

    I guess if there were any evidence that a hard core of ‘Rule of Law’ still persisted in this jurisdiction I might care, but as things are, the read on Farkas is that he didn’t have enough juice to slip the noose. Hangman’s there to stretch necks and nothing else.

    Contrast the above absurdity with Gov. Scott’s (criminal? in the executive branch of Florida-nothing new):

    Remove foreclosure proceedings from the court system? No citizen (natural person) should interact directly with the State- if you can, incorporate and strive to carry out every interaction/transaction with the State and Corporations via a juridical person. Natural persons in this system are denied a priori rights defined/recognized in the Bill of Rights. Sauve qui peut…

  7. emaij says:

    Re David Olive’s article… It is so disappointing to see journalists headed in this direction. It was, of course, inevitable. But he’s dead wrong. Obama’s reaction to the crisis is as big a missed opportunity as that of GWB’s reaction to the crisis he encountered.

    Olive’s cure is having bankers adopt some personal responsibility.

    David Olive needs to study William K. Black, not Roger Lowenstein.

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