Thursday morning festival of links:

• Bill Gross Warns Washington: Don’t mess with the debt ceiling (Washington Post)
• Polls Show G.O.P.’s No-Tax Stance Is Outside Political Mainstream (NYT)
• Is Facebook Worth $100 Billion? (WSJ)
• A Marshall Plan for Greece? (Project Syndicate)
• Creating an Infrastructure Bank for the Future (NYT)
• Forbes editors appear to have been abducted:
. . . -Does Anyone Still Remember Why We Have The Bush Tax Cuts? (Forbes Blog)
. . . -The Rich Are Now Richer Than Before The 2008 Credit Meltdown (Forbes Blog)
. . . -A Country in Denial About Taxes (Forbes Blog)
• Financial Crisis Panel Commissioners Leaked Confidential Information To Lobbyists, Report Alleges (HuffPo)
Alex, I’ll take historical revisionism for $100: Bancroft Family Members Express Regrets at Selling WSJ to Murdoch (Pro Publica)
• New Service Offers Music in Quantity, Not by Song (NYT) see also PLAY Is a Fantastic Free Music Streamer and Player for iPhone and Android (Life Hacker)
• Engineering Oceans To Suck Up Carbon Has Eco Consequences (Fast Company)

What are you reading?

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10 Responses to “10 Thursday Morning Reads”

  1. mathman says:

    Texans grab their guns as the economy stalls

    Radioactive beef hits the stores in Japan

    The profitable War on Drugs

    Default inevitable

    Mainstream news refuses to connect the dots on record breaking drought and CO2 forced climate change

    Enjoy your day. (i await the great articles you all come up with.)

  2. Greg0658 says:

    is Fb worth 100B (is that US $s) .. only if the NewsCorp issue is also embedded inside there .. I should have gone into computer software engineer’g .. it looks so promise’g these days

  3. Mike in Nola says:

    Maybe ANONYMOUS has hacked the the Forbes site and posted those articles. Most likely explanation. Or, maybe they all had sandwiches on organic rye and ingested ergot.

  4. lunartop says:

    @swag I left evernote because they didn’t do inter-note linking which seems like a fundamental feature of the web.

  5. Cynic_FA says:

    Don’t Mess With The Debt Ceiling – “Spending Cuts” are lies. almost all the calculations on reduced spending are about spending going up 5% instead of going up 10%. We could balance the budget without a single dollar of spending cuts by putting a hard cap on government spending at the current level. Every single dollar of spending growth in one department would have to be paid for by a hard cut in another department.

    Bracket creep is the way that effective personal income taxes increase over time because inflation pushes people into higher tax brackets. We would raise taxes automatically if we stop enacting tax cuts, credits, and “targetted deductions”

  6. AHodge says:

    how the fed offered a little of their AIG crap and completely puked the ABS market before stopping

  7. AHodge says:

    so lets give forbes a little credit for rising above “capitalist tool”