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10 Thursday Morning Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On July 14, 2011 @ 6:20 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Thursday morning festival of links:

• Bill Gross Warns Washington: Don’t mess with the debt ceiling (Washington Post [1])
• Polls Show G.O.P.’s No-Tax Stance Is Outside Political Mainstream (NYT [2])
• Is Facebook Worth $100 Billion? (WSJ [3])
• A Marshall Plan for Greece? (Project Syndicate [4])
• Creating an Infrastructure Bank for the Future (NYT [5])
• Forbes editors appear to have been abducted:
. . . -Does Anyone Still Remember Why We Have The Bush Tax Cuts? (Forbes Blog [6])
. . . -The Rich Are Now Richer Than Before The 2008 Credit Meltdown (Forbes Blog [7])
. . . -A Country in Denial About Taxes (Forbes Blog [8])
• Financial Crisis Panel Commissioners Leaked Confidential Information To Lobbyists, Report Alleges (HuffPo [9])
Alex, I’ll take historical revisionism for $100: Bancroft Family Members Express Regrets at Selling WSJ to Murdoch (Pro Publica [10])
• New Service Offers Music in Quantity, Not by Song (NYT [11]) see also PLAY Is a Fantastic Free Music Streamer and Player for iPhone and Android (Life Hacker [12])
• Engineering Oceans To Suck Up Carbon Has Eco Consequences (Fast Company [13])

What are you reading?

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