’s stock-market value exceeded $100 billion yesterday for the first time, and anyone looking at how closely the world’s largest online retailer has tracked Apple Inc. might have predicted as much.

The chart above shows the market capitalization of the two companies during the past five years.’s value jumped ninefold in the period as Apple’s rose more than sixfold, (data compiled by Bloomberg).

David Wilson
Bloomberg News, July 28, 2011

Category: Consumer Spending, Markets, Retail, Technical Analysis, Web/Tech

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5 Responses to “Amazon Apple Parallel Charts”

  1. jaymaster says:

    Woo hoo! I own them both!

    Bought Apple back in 2001.

    Too bad I waited till last year to buy Amazon.

    I’ll be selling more Apple soon. Not Amazon, though.

  2. lmeeroo2 says:

    I remember when Amazon first IPO, never thought it would compete with Walmart. They have excellent supply chains just like Walmart. That might explain their success so far.

  3. techy says:

    but in a weird way… AMZN trades at five times the valuation of AAPL.

    Maybe its time to put in a long aapl and short amzn trade??

  4. tuscmer says:

    from a directional sense this is fine, but the graph isn’t quite as tight if you convert it to log / normalized based off % change in market value. Apple moves higher faster. Run HSN in bloomberg not HS.