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10 Friday Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On July 29, 2011 @ 11:00 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Some links for today:

• Once the Debt Ceiling Is Hiked, Markets Have to Confront Slower Growth (Barron’s [1]) see also Default a ‘Black Turkey’ as Advisers Tell Investors Not To Sell (Bloomberg [2])
• How Our Economy Was Overrun by Monsters & What to Do About It (Harvard Business Rev [3]);
• Missing Milton Friedman (The Economist [4]) see also A great divide holds back the relevance of economists (Reuters [5])
• A Daunting Path to Prosperity (NYT [6])
• U.S. Contingency Plan Gives Bondholders Priority (Bloomberg [7]) see also Roach Says Chinese Officials ‘Appalled’ by Impasse on Raising Debt Ceiling (Bloomberg [8])
• Dream Cars You Coveted in High School, but Brand New (WSJ [9])
• Former Intel Chief: Call Off The Drone War (And Maybe the Whole War on Terror) (Wired [10])
• John McCain Now Should Probably Talk to John McCain in 2010 (The Rude Pundit [11])
• 30 All-TIME Best Music Videos (Time [12])
• A Bad Girl With a Touch of Genius (NYT [13])

What are you reading?

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