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“Accompanying an article on the changing family dynamic, The New York Times provides an interactive graphic that lets you see how many households in America are like yours.

You start with the primary residents in your household such as single male or married couple, and then add those who live with you, such as a parent or child. The graphic updates as you do, showing the U.S. count and percentage on top and the breakdown by time, race, and household income on the bottom. Simple and straight to the point of interest.”


Households like yours
Flowing Data, June 20, 2011

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5 Responses to “Households Like Yours”

  1. Julia Chestnut says:

    Very interesting – thank you. There are several families in our neighborhood with a married couple and six kids. Apparently, there are under 59,000 such households in the entire U.S.: four of them live within a 10-block radius of me. Statistically, they are most likely to be Hispanic (the demographic most likely to have more than two children); none of the ones I know are.

    If this were a disease instead of a family structure, it would constitute a “cluster” and the CDC would be all over us! Interesting stuff.

  2. theexpertisin says:

    So, there is a correlation between the slow demise of the traditional family and the gradual fall into the moral abyss in which we find ourselves.

    Who would have thunk it?

  3. rktbrkr says:

    According to Pew Blace & Hispanic families have the net worth of a used car, about 1/3 have negative net worth (as of 2009),most net worth is based on property so if you roll forward from 2009 to 2011 probably half of these minority families have negative net worth (cue “Burning Down the House”).I still hear George Bush crowing “we are an ownership society” when the real estate cons were swirling out of control.

  4. GerhardWMagnus says:

    “So, there is a correlation between the slow demise of the traditional family and the gradual fall into the moral abyss in which we find ourselves.”

    And here I thought the traditional family was a hothouse of pathology in which the rules of civilized behavior have been suspended….

  5. lalaland says:

    Happy to hear there are approximately 437 couples who match the profile of my sister, her husband, and their 2 adopted kids with 150k+ income.