Watch Louis CK’s full performance from July 28, 2011.

From Culture Bully:

Louis CK’s performance on last night’s edition of the Late Show with David Letterman was an important one for a number of reasons. The first, and maybe the most notable, is that it marks the former Late Night writer’s return to the show after an unofficial 15 year ban, something Louis spoke to during a recent interview with GQ (via HuffPo), “I loved doing that show. Dave’s my favorite. Dave’s who I watch — I wrote for him. And I did the show five times or so, and I’ve been told that I’m not okay there anymore.”

WTF: 302 views?

Louis CK’s first gig on Letterman in 1995. Watch him as he finishes his set.

Louis CK Interview Letterman 1995

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3 Responses to “Louis CK Returns to Letterman After 15 Year Ban”

  1. mtlippincott says:

    I forgot how blatantly Dane Cook ripped of Louis CK’s jokes, especially that car door one he launches into. Enjoy:

    At least he knew to steal from the best, I guess.

  2. Hantra says:

    Dane Cook. You had to mention that guy? I’m not going to laugh for the rest of the weekend now.

    Isn’t it fascinating how much better Louis has gotten in 15 years?

  3. jefftcarroll says:

    The first day that a video is uploaded to YouTube, it has 302 views for most of the day before the actual count is updated.

    Another Louis C.K. fan.