This clip below, from Debt Management – is a huge look at what they term as land grab int he US. The clip below shows only 20% of the full digital graphic:


click for ginormous graphic

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9 Responses to “Modern Land Grab: Foreigners U.S. Real Estate Buys”

  1. Greg0658 says:

    curious on the business side too .. ie foreign ownership via stock and flags planted in the ground

  2. rktbrkr says:

    “We are an ownership society” Shrub Bush

    Foreign holders of US Treasuries will continue taking a bath as the US continues it’s soft devaluation but foreign RE buyers will score big.

    Canadians are buying US RE hand over fist with their strong dollar but US citizens are still restricted buying Canadian RE I believe.

    Remember the Shilling/Lefrak proposal to encourage foreign RE purchases?

  3. theexpertisin says:

    Yes. Canadian real estate is restricted to foreign buyers.

    If it takes foreign capital to prop up our real estate markets, so be it. The joke is (as the Japanese discovered in the late 70s-early 80s) that the vagaries of the real estate market in the U.S. plays havoc with those who think they have gamed the market.

    Just ask those home grown speculators who jumped into real estate in 2009, only to find they were trying to catch a falling knife. Many are letting their properties go right back into foreclosure, creatinga new wave of distress bank sales over the next year.

  4. godot10 says:

    Foreigners in general are NOT restricted from buying real estate in Canada.

    There are a few exceptions:
    1) Land on Indian reservations, national parks, etc.
    2) Prince Edward Island has restrictions…but it is a very small island.
    3) Saskatchewan may have some restrictions on farm land.

    Foreigners are welcome in The Great White Tax Haven.

  5. CitizenWhy says:

    More Canadians in Florida? How can my dual US-Canada relatives, resident in Canada in good months, in Florida bad months, get away from their neighbors now? Do more Canadians in Florida mean that more will be taking out US health insurance just in case?

  6. VennData says:

    How can these foreigners stand our outrageously high tax rates… nearly a nose-bleed 18% for the rich according to…

    … and our abrupt decline since Obama stole office? Don’t they read ‘News of the World or listen to Fox?

  7. VennData says:

    Depressing… look at that graphic. Makes me wonder if tithing to the Laotian-Iowan Friendship Society has just been a waste of money all these years.

  8. victor says:

    @VennData, no doubt, 18% effective tax rate for the uber rich is obscenely low. Curiously, the Forbes 400 richest are mostly liberals and or Dem donors/voters. Surely they wont object to higher taxes, though many prefer to give to their own charities/foundations implicitly confirming they don’t trust the Gov with their money, think Buffett, Gates, Soros, etc. They probably understand the difference between opinion and news on the cable channels. That’s why I seldom watch Fox or MSNBC although compared to the uber rich I’m dirt , dirt poor.

    On the subject of foreigners buying RE here, why not? They bring prosperity to depressed markets and should be welcomed with open arms.

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