I am heading out the door to the airport at the ungoldly hour of 4:30 to the airport. Looking forward to the 2011 Agora Financial Investment Symposium — a terrific collection of traders, investors strategists and companies.

I’ll slip some posts in here and there, and maybe out my presentation up if it works as a standalone.

Be back shortly . . .

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9 Responses to “Off to Vancouver!”

  1. constantnormal says:

    BR, you REALLY were charged with the responsibility of warning Readers before you travel while the markets are in session, and doing so while the markets are still open, so as to give us a chance to lay in a supply of protective CDS’s … we are not pleased.

  2. nebyarg says:

    “ungoldly hour” ? What were you think of BR? Ah yes, the Canadians do revel in gold!

    BR: hoped to still be on NY EST !

  3. xatta says:

    Maybe its just my 6 year old computer, but those”save the date” posts always fcuk up the website. I can never see any previous posts and the whole right hand side navigation is missing. After it works its way out of the top n posts everything goes back to normal.

  4. VennData says:

    Jim Roger”s shorts…

    “…U.S. tertiary education is in a bubble. I would like to find a way to short Princeton, or Harvard or Stanford…”


  5. Greg0658 says:

    “the responsibility of warning Readers” .. LOL .. yes seen those sessions … but what is it .. the flock of vultures or coincidence

  6. Fentable says:

    Hello Barry,

    May I suggest MacLeod’s Books at 455 Pender downtown Vancouver. As ‘The Strand’ is one of the top five bookstores in the world I
    submit MacLeod’s for admission. They have a annex,be sure to ask,history,art,travel,naval,business and so on. The rather unique display will give one hope that there are islands of calm in a world of flux.
    Perhaps a topic in its own right,can you mention some of the bookstores you recommend around the world? In the US there are three that many might not know about,BookStop in Tucson,Booked Up ,Archer City Texas and Second Story in DC .

    Best regards,


  7. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms. :)

    Be sure and pack some sunshine. The government has taxed ours away this year.

    I’m going to have to go to that conference one day just so I can shake your hand. I’ll slum it some time. :)

  8. jacobh says:

    How long are you staying in our bubbly town?
    Don’t forget to do some research into our housing market by checking out what you can buy for a measly $1mln.
    Take some time off to roam around town, if you love nature, consider Stanley Park, Grouse Mtn. Culture is not our strongest point, sorry.

  9. eaglepilot says:

    Actually, I have a hypothesis that Vancouverites have a harder time maintaining their focus due to the many distractions around, whether it be the mountains, the golf, the opposite sex. There is always something (else other than work) to do in Van.

    Perhaps check out the University of BC (UBC)-there’s a lot of interesting research going on there…my friend in the medical sciences says that UBC is THE sleeper research centre…they have a lot of interesting projects that are just coming online.

    Or perhaps PRIDE week will be enough entertaining enough.