A few months ago, I mentioned HBO‘s adaptation of Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book Too Big To Fail as “terrific entertainment.”

Well, I am not the only one who thought so — the movie version of the book garnered 11 Emmy nominations.

Mad props to Andrew Ross Sorkin and his producer/director/co-writers at HBO. Outstanding work all around.


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6 Responses to “Too Big to Fail Grabs 11 Emmy Nominations”

  1. champs2011 says:

    Interesting chart on how college grades are inflating

  2. BR,

    I never knew your Standards were so low… ;)

  3. jpmist says:

    I’m happy to see that “Too Big to Fail” is getting some attention, if more people fully understood how badly we’re getting boned, there’d be riots in the street. That said, I DVR’d the film when it first came out, watched 10 minutes of it in disappointment and put off the rest until last night.

    As a description of the 2008 financial crisis it was like watching a square peg being pounded into a round hole, but perhaps it’s too much to ask of any film under 40 hours in length to do the subject justice. It’s just that the film descended quickly into obvious conflict drama and shallow stereotypes and just as in Paulson’s book, there was absolutely no introspection into exactly why they had to do what they did in the way they did it.

    But big kudos to whoever cast the main characters. It was so much fun watching Giamatti as Bernanke cause I kept waiting for him to pull out a gun and go medieval on their asses.

    A better effort was last years Oscar winner, “Inside Job” but I wish someone would pick Michael Lewis’s “The Big Short” to make a film of. That book went a lot further to illustrate how completely corrupt and insane the main players in this ongoing fiasco are.

  4. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Sure, Emmys are nice and Sorkin is a fine lad, but frankly, the box office glory is in the summer slam-bang action adventure, romantic-subplot-with-Megan Fox, etc.; I’d love to see what Michael Bay, with Jerry Bruckheimer producing and Lucas Arts handling the special effects, could do with Bailout Nation: like AIG wandering into the bioweapons lab… surely “Transformers 3D” would pale in comparison.

  5. medman99 says:

    Wonderfully entertaining if you enjoy total fiction. Awe-inspiring how the masters of the universe swooped in at the last minute to save the day for freedom and democracy. Did we forget to mention that the stars of the movie were the same perpetrators who caused this clusterfuck? Why bother with actual facts. Glass-Steagle who? Go back to sleep…

  6. patient renter says:

    ARS is still a kneepad wearing tool.