Some interesting links for your reading pleasure:

• A Reading List for Following the Debt Ceiling Drama (Pro Publica)
• Evaluating Hedge Fund Performance (SF Gate)
• Bringing Sand Hill Road to Cyberspace (NYT)
Thomas Friedman: Make Way for the Radical Center (NYT)
• Debt Crises, Real and Fake (Economix)
Dilbert’s Scott Adams: How to Tax the Rich (WSJ)
• Republican Leaders Voted for Drivers of U.S. Debt They Now Blame on Obama (Bloomberg)see also Bruce Bartlett: Are the Bush Tax Cuts the Root of Our Fiscal Problem? (Economix)
• Why Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is ‘meh’ (Guardian)
• Fantagraphics to Publish The Complete ZAP Comix (Fantagraphics)
• Exclusive: Inside Darpa’s Secret Afghan Spy Machine (Wired)

What are you reading?

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18 Responses to “Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. U.S. debt showdown: What happens on Aug. 3?

    widest wealth gap between US whites, minorities

    An elderly man is stopped by the police around 1 a. m.and
    is asked where he is going at this time of night.

    The man replies, “I am going to a lecture about alcohol
    abuse and the effects it has on the human body”.

    The officer then asks, “Really? Who is giving that lecture
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    The man replies, “My wife.”

  2. Orange14 says:

    I’m reading “Railroaded: The Transcontinentals and the Making of Modern America” by Richard White. Greek bonds right now are a lot safer than 95% of the stuff that was being peddled in the 1870s. Book is a great read and demonstrates the need for financial regulation!

  3. NoKidding says:

    Scott Adams… brilliant as always.

  4. willid3 says:

    the results from the great austerity experiment.

    seems to be the same as the one being done in Ireland too

  5. Joe Friday says:

    Sorkin Is Still A Weenie

    * To the Wealthy: Don’t Worry, Be Happy – There’s plenty of money to pay your bond coupons.

    * To the Proletariat: Let them eat cake !

  6. Joe Friday says:

    Thomas Friedman: Make Way for the Radical Center

    Can someone please hit Friedman in the face with a pie ?

  7. [...] Bruce Bartlett does the math (based on CBO; via Ritholtz): [...]

  8. Frwip says:

    @Joe Friday

    My thoughts exactly.

    BR, for goodness’ sake, can you put some sort of a disclaimer, blinking, pink super-bold triple size font or something when you link to Thomas Friedman? I tend to go click-click-click without looking when I see your daily reads then go quickly through the tabs.

    And horror, I see this putz’ mustaches on my screen. Pffff. All my computer’s electrons need to take a shower now. Not funny.

  9. mathman says:

    “Of course, readers will know that I never held out any hope that our “leaders” would be able to fix anything. The problems we face, not only as a nation but as a world, are far beyond anything that they can even conceptualize, let alone find policies that could work. Right now the world needs leaders with realistic visions, not necessarily telling a constituency what they want to hear, but telling them the truth about what to expect in the future from our rapidly impending decline. We need leaders able to see what needs to be done to mitigate the threats and minimize the pain. We need leaders who will show the rest a pathway forward. Not one of the people currently serving in government in the US (and I would suggest anywhere else in the world) has that capability. Our pathetic reliance on “open democracy”, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that money, not votes, actually does the talking, has gotten us here. Our inability to think critically and act on our reading of reality is to blame for our not having competent leadership. So, I suppose I would have to say we deserve what we are about to get.”

    and as many of us surmised:

    i don’t know, but this sure looks like on-going systemic collapse is getting worse here in the states:

    of course with all the legal shenanigans being brought to bare so the banks stay whole won’t help:

  10. SurMovie says:

    the responsibility of warning Readers yes seen those sessions … but what is it .. the flock of vultures or coincidence .. LOL ..

  11. beaufou says:

    Agreed on Friedman, the guy was calling for lower corporate taxes in 2009, what a douche.

  12. Greg0658 says:

    mathman interesting links .. the tide of criminality has us all abuzz – fly’g about the nest wonder’g how to protect the hive after something/someone knocked it to the ground .. churn will fix it .. wash rinse repeat