In a word: Geithner.

Why Prosecutors Don’t Go After Wall Street

Hat tip Scott F

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5 Responses to “Why Didn’t Prosecutors Go After Wall Street?”

  1. jaytrader says:

    When we as a society can’t even convict OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony of obvious crimes. How in the world can you put these elites in prison?

  2. Through the Looking Glass says:

    How does one get into the lie, cheat and steal club are they still taking members? I want to be rich, free from prosecution and have the government give me tax breaks bestowed only on members. Why don’t they just implement the Soylent Green plan to fertilize the golf courses to stymie those untidy lower social class outbreaks that walk through their lie on the putting green. What a tawdry world it is outside the clubhouse. Now freshen up my drink Yolanda and rub a little lower.

  3. Geithner is the reason that Obama is going to have a failed presidency.
    In a word, Geithner is a prick.

  4. Per Kurowski says:

    Because they want to hush up the embarrassing fact that it was dumb regulators who authorized banks to invest and lend to the governments, or to whatever had a triple-A rating, with absolutely minimum or no capital at all… and that would have been too easily discovered during a trial.

    PS. Loony bank regulations explained in an apolitical red and blue!

  5. Francois says:

    Geithner yes…but Obama listened (and still listen) to him and followed his advice.

    Only the extreme stupidity and doctrinal rigidity of the GOP prevent them to overtake everything in DC again.

    Amazing times we live in.