Hey, I have electricity in the office! A welcome change from what the weekend storm damage wrought.  If I actually had electrical power, this is what I would be reading:

This curious title requires a closer look: S&P 500 at Reagan Recession Values After $2.3 Trillion Drop (Businessweek)
• Robust Profits Face Hurdles (WSJ) see also Consumer fears put economy on the brink (Washington Post)
• Europe’s Big Mistake (New Yorker)
Hussman’s Unhedged Recession Call: A Reprieve from Misguided Recklessness (Hussman Funds)
• Alan Krueger to chair CEA (WSJ) was called an “excellent choice” by George W Bush’s CEA Chair (Greg Mankiw)
• The Rescue That Missed Main Street (NYT) see also A how-to guide for fixing America’s banks (Washington Post)
• Dollar Cheap in Purchasing Power as Investors See Shelter (Businessweek)
• Recovering From a Balance-Sheet Recession (Economix)
• Tim Cook: Apple’s New CEO and the Most Powerful Gay Man in America (Gawker) see also Don’t ignore Tim Cook’s sexuality (Salmon)
• How Hard Is It To Get a Cartoon Into The New Yorker? (Slate)

What are you reading?


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13 Responses to “10 Electric Monday AM Reads”

  1. franklin411 says:

    A former GS exec changed his name and then…ta da! Went to work for Darrell Issa rewriting banking regulations to protect GS.

    He has some BS excuse about how he’s the Son of Dracula or some baloney that doesn’t pass the smell test.


  2. rpseawright says:

    What am I reading?

    George Sugihara is a really smart guy, with wide-ranging interests and broad expertise. He gave a brief but interesting interview in my local paper yesterday. It is available here:


  3. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    The first article ignores two huge differences in valuations between today and the 1980′s.

    The first major difference is earnings today represent the suspension of mark-to-market. Take the financials and value them at mark to market, and things are not so rosy. The Tier 3 stuff alone is enough to wipe out most big banks if marked to market.

    The second big difference is the share buy-backs done today using company credit lines. While this improves per share performance by dividing earnings amongst fewer shares, it weakens the finances of the companies in order to pass along a pseudo dividend.

    Real comparisons with the early 1980′s valuations can only be done if current accounting is marked to market and adjustments for credit purchased share buy-backs are used, bringing things in line with how company accounting was done in the early Reagan years.

  4. [...] 10 Electric Monday AM Reads [...]

  5. WrteStufLA says:

    Hey Anna W, no hostility intended here, I’m genuinely curious — why does the topic of Tim Cook’s sexuality make your “electric read” list? From the perspective of either “economics” or “general business,” why should that particular topic be on anybody’s list … What’s the relevance?


    BR: Its me, not Anna — I find it worthy of discussion

  6. Peter Pan says:

    I want to recommend the latest from M. Pettis over at China Financial Markets. It’s an abreviated summary of his views with a hedged time line.


  7. VennData says:

    Bachmann Says Irene, Earthquake Were Messages From God


    We need this lady to win the GOP nomination so she can tell us which quakes and wind storms are messages from the Lord and which aren’t. Does David Brooks think Ms. Bachmann as one of his “Alternative Reality Republicans?”


    The GOP media machine that teaches people tax cuts raise more taxes, Obama is a traitor, a Muslim, a Kenyan, a Socialist, and Bush killed bin Laden are getting the candidates they deserve.

  8. Jojo says:

    I don’t see what the interest in Tim Cook’s sexuality is or the fact that he is gay. I’d wager big money that there are other gay CEO’s running American companies. Does anyone write articles like “New company CPU is heterosexual. Let’s meet the family”?

    But with this news circulating, I wonder if the right-wing faithful in the heartland will now dump their Apple iPad’s/iPod’s, etc.? To stay with Apple will be an implicit vote for gay rights.

  9. Bob A says:

    i would add to that
    If you need a GPS to get to the grocery store…
    you’re not gonna make it

  10. VennData says:

    I’m sick of Jon Najarian saying Warren Buffett got a deal he can’t get. Buy BRK.A if you want his deals.

    And if you hate how Warren Buffett wants to solve America’s problem with Bush’s “temporary” tax cuts? Not only do you get the same Buffett deals when you buy his stock, it’s appreciation is tax free to you. Put BRK in a margin account, borrow against it and you get a tax deduction on the interest payments.

    Oh it’s not Buffett who is “volunettering American’s middle class for a tax increase…


    … it’s the GOP…


    … the next time the Wall Street Journal opinion page gets it right will be the first time.

    Back to The Oracle. .. CNBC’s Scott Woppner You mock Buffett’s “Thought it up in the tub?” This is part of his folksy image. Did you mock his image before you were short the XLF?

    You think Buffett “didn’t have a chance to review the books?” he’s owned before, did you complain that he didn’t study it then?


    You hate Buffett’s access to Obama, were you complaining about Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force? And their excellent energy policy for America?


    This anti-Buffett stuff on CNBC is comical. Please hold onto those BAC shorts. And change the name of the show from ‘Fast Money’ to ‘Dumb Money.’

    And if you hate Moynihan’s raising capital, why? The price of the shares is UP since he starting it.


    Oh, and tell me, did “the machines” stop running today? Is that why the market’s up today Najarian? And up 7% in the last week?

  11. farmera1 says:

    Gold……….Central Banks hanging onto gold. Used to be a worthless barbaric relic, now it is a sought after
    means of staving off minor inconveniences like Armageddon.


  12. VennData says:

    Rick Perry’s Alma Mater secedes from the Big 12


    Are they choosing a replacement for playing the National Anthem at games?