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23 Responses to “15 Most Heavily Taxed Countries In The World”

  1. wally says:

    A logical person unencumbered by ideologies would make the case that higher taxation is better.
    But we can’t be having that kind of thinking around here, now can we?

  2. crutcher says:

    Those flags are seriously messed up.

  3. vavoida says:

    btw. 4/15 flags are incorrect – .FI/.AT/.NL/.SE & “according to Fox News” …

  4. FS says:

    “A logical person unencumbered by ideologies would make the case that higher taxation is better.”

    and……thats the reason liberals can’t run anything except their mouth.

    There is absolutely NO correlation between high taxation and “thriving” shown. In a poll, 8 out of the 15 countries with the highest taxation have a population that ranks themselves as thriving within a set of parameters not given or defined, and have absolutely NO bearing on how much they pay in taxes.

    And shame on BR for not giving out the simplistic methodology that is cantril……

  5. bigboy22 says:


    You and your ilk are what ills this country. You’re rude and petty and add nothing to intelligent debate. Oh by the way, unless you have a data set I’m unaware of, there is NO correlation between “liberals” and “not being able to run anything” .

  6. ES says:

    Hfving lived in Russia, Europe and US I would say US picture is very misleading. In Europe the healthcare and education costs are included in the tax , in the US citizens pay it. In Europe there isn’t much in terms of property tax, no state tax and less nickle and diming at every step like in the US. When everything is added , the middle class in the US pays no less than that of Europe, but gets less benefits.

  7. AtlasRocked says:

    Now let’s see the top 15 most highest external debt nations:

    from World Bank, external debt per citizen:
    Luxembourg 3,746,535
    Monaco 562,465
    Ireland 503,914
    Norway 454,768
    Netherlands 225,814
    Switzerland 154,063
    United Kingdom 113,603
    Hong Kong 105,420
    Denmark 101,084
    Sweden 91,487
    Austria 90,128
    France 74,619
    Finland 68,960
    Germany 57,755
    Australia 52,596

    Hmmm…. high taxes correlate with high debt per capita.

  8. royrogers says:

    which countries have the largest ghettos ??

    I guess the US would be neart the top on that one

  9. AtlasRocked says:

    Why would you want to champion high taxes and then block posts that point out these countries with high taxes have huge massive debts per citizen, block out they are living the good life due to massive debt accumulation? Why would you want to mislead your readers?


    BR: 1. How do you take some ordinary chart porn, and draw allmanner of wrong conclusions from it?
    2. You turn very post into a partisan issue;
    3. You constantly misquote, misinterpret and misunderstand what is posted here? Its tiresome correcting your constant errors;
    4. Pointing out taxes are at 50 year lows is not the same as “championing high taxes” ;
    5. This post shows the 15 highest taxed nations, presented without any commentary, and yet you manage to draw series of absurd conclusions.

    You are moderated because of your comment history.
    Please go sell crazy elsewhere — we are not buying.

  10. harrierpark says:

    The statutory rate is less important than the effective rate. You describe this difference very well here:

    Note that the US is near the bottom of the tax per GDP (see graph in article above.) According to the graph, even the Greeks paid more in taxes as a % of GDP in 2009.

    So we are no where near the 15th most heavily taxed country.

    IRC 61 states GROSS income means all income from whatever source derived

    TAXABLE income is something else entirely. I always wonder why the Tea Party isn’t focused on tax fairness.

  11. ancientone says:

    Is Karl Rove paying FS to fling dung in the comments of this blog, or does he just need a laxative?

  12. klhoughton says:

    ancientone – Why would Rove pay FS? He can afford better quality.

    Only 26% of Japanese are “thriving”?

  13. DeDude says:

    Come on FS; I know that it bugs you and disturbs your already drawn conclusion about how things work. You got to be able to come up with a better explanation for why the 4 highest taxed of these countries all have > 60 % thriving (69, 69, 62 and 72%), whereas the 4 lowest taxed all have <60% thriving (59, 14, 34 and 37%). They tell you how thriving is defined. You must be able to find some little weakness or twist of their methodology that will allow you to hold on to the fantasy of unhappy and suppressed people living under tax tyrannies.

  14. Agent Smith says:

    FP – check the sources, or is it the OCED, Gallup, Reuters, and BusinessInsider that now are all conspiring toincrease your tax burden. This isn’t the first study that shows the benefits of a well-run, higher taxed countries. There have been a number of articles and stories in publications like The Economist and 60 Minutes. No one is going to deport you to Sweden if you happen to admit that it might actually be a nice place to live. And, there are quite a lot of liberals who run things quite successfully.

  15. philipat says:

    When did Germany invade Finland?

  16. philipat says:

    And when did France invade Austria and Sweden? ALso the Aussies might not be entirely happy to use the UK flag?

  17. formerlawyer says:

    @philipat Says:

    Austria invaded France in 1792 but I cannot recollect any counter-invasion, at least into Austrian territory. The Fourth Alliance saw the Swedes allied against the French but in 1806 the defeat of Swedish troops in Lubeck (with a potential invasion to follow) led to a ceasefire on April 18, 1806.

    The Australian Flag does contain the Union Jack:
    But yeah the flags are fsked.

    Call me pedant if you want – just don’t call me late for dinner – enjoy the weekend ;-)

  18. buermann says:

    Where are the VATs, where are the effective taxation rates, where are the massive loopholes, dodges, and tax subsidies? Where’s the really easy one that tells you everything you basically need to know, revenue as a % of GDP? This was done all wrong.

  19. loteq says:

    One thing ill add, is the above list doesnt obviously break out Corp vs Personal Income taxes or how much each is represented the the total % of GDP. Would be interesting to know that. Looking at it Canada has about 32 vs the USA at 27 and Denmark at 49. I suspect that the US number relies more on Personal Income taxes then Coporate?

  20. victor says:

    @ES: good comment, are you saying that the payroll taxes got rolled into other taxes?

    I suppose more in the US would be thriving if for example we spent less on our military and more on education and on creating an environment allowing the private sector to expand and create jobs HERE.

    As far as adjusting the level of taxation upwards here (more applicable to private less to corporate) and fixing our diabolically complicated, sometimes regressive tax codes: stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath for any quick resolution. I find S&P´pessimism entirely justified unless our Government gets repopulated with statesmen rather than today´s politicians.

  21. ToddMPeters says:

    Logic would dictate that “thriving” countries would be experiencing an inflow of immigrants while those with low “thriving” scores would be experiencing an outflow. The last time I checked, the US still has a LOT more folks trying to get in rather than leave.