Nice interactive graphic from Bloomberg regarding the Emergency loans made by the Fed (see yesterday’s discussion here).


Click for interactive graphic:

Source: The Fed’s Secret Liquidity Lifelines,

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5 Responses to “Federal Reserve Emergency Loans: Liquidity for Banks”

  1. ga082003 says:

    Absolute rumor but this is serious
    JPM to take over BAC

  2. Darkness says:

    Oh, but but, Citigroup only took all that money to “encourage others to utilize the facility”.

    Not only are they thieves, they think we are idiots.

  3. louis says:

    We did not gather in the streets to protest any of this, In their view we are idiots.

  4. Bloggo99 says:

    Barry, this article left me near disgusted with the entire system; it is a disgrace to this nation and to taxpayers. How is Mack not in jail (not to mention for his honeywell antics) for a Sarbanes Oxley violation? If you say your company is fine and well capitalized when you clearly are not, or worse, it is going under, isn’t that a Reg FD violation? Should the SEC not put him in PMITA prison? Ms and the banks who said they did not need a bailout violated SARBOX right? I would like your clarity to tell me I am wrong or right. Thank you as you alone get this. Also, how can the FED send our taxpayer money to banks overseas? Isn’t this illegal? Is there recourse here?