Even when the media does remember Ron Paul, it’s only to reassure themselves that there’s no need to remember Ron Paul.

Indecision 2012 – Corn Polled Edition – Ron Paul & the Top Tier

Monday August 15, 2011 (04:20)

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22 Responses to “Jon Stewart: Why is Media Ignoring Ron Paul ?”

  1. ilsm says:

    Paul is not cutting the military enough, but he stood with Barney Frank before anyone else was talking 5% reduction of the doubled excess war profit cabal.

  2. ilsm says:

    Paul is not cutting the military enough, but he stood with Barney Frank before anyone else was talking 5% reduction of the doubled excess war profit cabal.

  3. HelicopterBen says:

    “John Stewart: Why is Media Whores Ignoring Ron Paul ?” Good question!

  4. Moss says:

    The establishment of the two main parties, plus Wall Street and the MSN do not want to hear his message, which is dead on about the military spending. Returning to a Gold standard is anesthesia to the banksters and the puppet politicians.

    He is in to influence the debate which he is finally doing concerning the insane defense budget and ridiculous foreign policies. The markets are reacting as if we are on a Gold standard.

  5. Haigh says:

    The time has come to send that candidate some fiat currency.

  6. econimonium says:

    Because Paul think that going back to the 18th and early 19th century is a good thing? Because he’s just another loon and there are more entertaining ones? Because the Presidential race has now turned into a reality show where as the primaries approach we can get Heidi Klumm to say “You’re Out!” each time a new straw poll or primary is held in a state? Because, as far as loons go, Bachmann (I love that double ‘n’ on the end just evoking the 30′s) and now Perry are so much more camera friendly nuts that the media can use to keep ratings up among the Fox News set?

    Please. You want some reality? My comments are the truth like it or not. And more spot-on for what the media is doing. But that doesn’t matter people these drooling morons who love these people will keep the ratings high enough for it to all continue instead of shifting to what really matters and real ideas on solving our problems. Going back to the gold standard is not one of them, stupid, and not going to happen, and not even talked about…except by teajadists in blogs. Thank you Jesus to quote Perry ;)

  7. econimonium says:

    And while I’m on a roll, who wants to bet with me that, before the primaries are over, someone is going to come out and say they’ve had sex with Bachmann’s husband and it isn’t going to be a female? Or that he’s going to get caught tap dancing in a public restroom somewhere?

    Oh and Rick Perry will have a bad hair day and end up looking like Dukakis in that tank? Or someone will actually LOOK at his record and discover how he had the legislature hide that debt of Texas’?

    So this will be a great America’s Top President reality series!

  8. number2son says:

    econinomium, the truth? Really? Maybe a bit here and there. But the fact is that Paul has polled well among the people who are actually among the electorate while the Republican establishment is doing its best through its propaganda machinery to marginalize him. That’s the truth, like it or not.

  9. econimonium says:

    numbers2son, Paul is a nut. Period. Abolish the Federal Reserve? Gold Standard? The fact that we’re even commenting on him is testament to the fact that nutjobs are now considered viable candidates instead of called “fringe” or any other polite media term. I prefer the truth…he’s a nutjob.

    And that’s the truth like it or not. He hasn’t a prayer and it’s not because of marginalization by the media, it’s because he’s a marginal candidate. Period.

  10. Raleighwood says:

    He hasn’t a prayer and it’s not because of marginalization by the media, it’s because he’s a marginal candidate.

    Last go around I would have agreed with you – this time I’m not so sure. People have seen that the rest are two sides of the same coin – puppets to their corporate overlords – RP has people intrigued. My two cents.

  11. econimonium says:

    Raleighwood, ask yourself if anyone outside of a few blogs and tea party types are talking about him? The answer is no, but I will give you, depending on where you live and the circles you travel in, that you might think this is the case. Most certainly it is not.

    I travel a lot and I can tell you that, right now, no one is intrigued with anyone on the Republican side, with Romney being the favorite just because it’s a lesser evil thing. They know who can win the general election and who can’t. Perry, Bachmann, Paul, and the rest are entertainment for the media and extremists. None of them have a prayer in a general election. Even Rove knows this if you watched him or listened to what he said.

    And, frankly, once this all heats up, and since the Republicans have touched the third rail with talk of SS and Medicare cuts, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the House change hands to boot. But even Romney is not electable, honestly, since he’s so incredibly flawed because of his “I was for it before I was against it” positions and (in secret no one will honestly say this openly) Magic Jammies that he wears. We all know it’s just ridiculous here in the real world, but as good Americans, we’re not supposed to call someone’s beliefs stupid. But you have to ask yourself, is someone that actually believes wearing special underwear protects them from things honestly fit to be President? In person you’d never get me to say it out loud, but here….I just said it.

  12. Raleighwood says:

    People in my circles who have been aware of RP for ages – and were equally dismissive – are now talking about him in less dismissive ways. I find it interesting.

  13. Plasmaj says:

    Econimonium, it’s likely that even when you travel, you are not speaking with a representative sample of americans much less republicans. It is clear RP strikes a nerve with a pretty large swathe of the country, whether you like him or not. Most likely he goes the way of Howard Dean, but at this point it is ridiculous that the media is ignoring him.

  14. ZackAttack says:

    In the last election, I made my first (and final) political donation – of $100 – to Ron Paul’s campaign.

    If you ever donate, make sure you give them only a throwaway email. By a week later, I was getting spammed by everything right of Richard Nixon, but most especially by Dick Armey. You didn’t really need to read it to understand the viewpoints espoused… there was lots of 18-point font hysteria.

    The thing that struck me was what *cheap* whores they were. Over $100 Paul’s local organizer tracked me down and offered to make me a state delegate to the Red Team convention. I thought about it for the instant it would take me to realize that it would be like a scene from one of HST’s books.

    I had always been dimly aware of it, but then it truly sank in how the function of the political culture wars is to serve as a vehicle for fundraising.

  15. OK Avenger says:

    I respect Paul for being consistent. And he’s absolutely right about our idiotic interventionist foreign policy. He’s batshit crazy on the Federal Reserve, however. I’d take him over Bachmann or Perry any day, but that ain’t saying much.

  16. econimonium says:

    Oh trust me, I talk to the exact middle of the road, in fact I’d say my contact skew decidedly Republican since our main office is in Georgia, with other offices in LA, Boston, NYC, Austin, and Europe too. And right now, all the chatter from everyone from customers to staff is how batshit crazy the Republicans are. No one has even slightly mentioned Ron Paul. RAND, yes, and not one person has said anything good about him except about his looks. Since he went after Medicare that pretty much iced him was the consensus. In fact, I’ve brought up Ron Paul to people and the only thing I get is either “who is he?, is he running?” or “oh god another freaking lunatic”. Sorry, but this blog and associated ones are the only places I ever hear of him. I think he’s in Ralph Nader/Lyndon LaRouche land.

    And I agree with OK, even as batshit crazy as he is, I’d take him over Bachmann or Perry any day.

  17. lunartop says:

    I look at the batsh!t crazy religious nutjobs running for the republicans and now look back wistfully at the avuncular stupidity of Bush.

    Amongst them Paul does seem to stand out in that at least he’s intellectually consistent – which is rare in politics.

  18. ronin says:


    Going back to any standard is better than a group of private bankers printing and lending to their friends while the 99% suffer from their inflation, wars, and systems of enslavement. Everything is in a bubble including those little dept papers in your wallet because of this fiat garbage system!

    Besides, Ron Paul is only asking for a little currency competition! Why do you people hate competition? Is it because you lack confidence or know that your funny money and systems would collapse in it?

    Remember this, every great person in history was considered a “loon” by the establishment! So keep up with the “he’s a loon or he’s crazy” talk because it just proves what a great man Dr. Paul is….

  19. Haigh says:

    >Because Paul think that going back to the 18th and early 19th century is a good thing?

    Ron Paul is a catalyst in the battle for fiscal responsibility. He rejects the mainstream political meme that the value of the currency is a public good to be squandered by politicians and central banksters.

    The vast government jobs boondoggle euphemistically referred to as Defense Spending is ripe for attack. The potential for coalition building between traditionally opposing forces is at a historic high.

    To quote Time magazine: “A candidate with obvious significant support can still have a serious effect on the race, and its ideas, and that’s news. Or it should be, if the horserace handicappers didn’t insist on deciding their news angles in advance.”

  20. attilahooper says:

    econimonium Says: “I’m a statist.”

    If you’re not part of the solution, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. RP was a champion OB/GYN and constitutional scholar before you learned to pound out letters on a weblog, so stfu.

    Read between the lines folks, RP ain’t taking us back to gold standard. He wants sound money, not debt based fiat. You like paying interest on your own money ?!?!?!?!

    RP got huge applause from the public, and military svc personnel on his stance on the wars.

    SS, medicaid and ALL our unfunded liabilities must be retooled. Face it, WE’RE F’ing BROKE!!!

    Wars ! Debt based fiat ! Unfunded liabilites !

    Doesn’t take party lines to understand the problem. Just a little math.

  21. kenny powers says:

    “numbers2son, Paul is a nut. Period. Abolish the Federal Reserve? Gold Standard?”

    Yes, how can we even imagine a world not run by a banking cartel, headed up by a high priest who bases his actions on ancient, empirically invalid mumbo jumbo economics. A world with sound money and no warmongering by the US? Impossible….the very thought makes me shudder.

  22. rex2 says:

    The problem with Ron Paul is that he tells the truth as he sees it, and he isn’t a centrist. He’s a true libertarian. In other words, he is completely not electable.

    He would however provide Jon Stewart endless material for four years.