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Economists Cast Opinions On S&P During Fishing Trip
Chris Arnold
NPR, August 8, 2011

Category: Analysts, Economy, Markets, Media, Travel

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4 Responses to “Economists Cast Opinions During Fishing Trip”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Well, things can’t be all that bad if they’re refusing to wager in Canadian dollars. If it were indeed lights out for the US of A, then they’d be willing to take most any other currency.

    Sounds like the next big news will be whether or not Merkel (Germany) signs off to bailout Europe.

  2. An aside to the GLS fishing and economics trip. Right now the waters of Grand Lake Stream and West Grand Lake in Maine are the subject of a pitched legal battle in U.S. federal court regarding whether one of its most prominent native fish, the alewife, is allowed to live there. The case will establish a new precedent in how the U.S. Clean Water Act is interpreted nationwide. Its Gettysburg is good old beautiful Grand Lake Stream. I started the case last June and am now being represented as a plaintiff by EarthJustice in Boston and D.C. cf:


  3. if it doesn’t violate “Chatham House”-Rules .. (might want to Clear it w/ Kotok)

    they should show some ‘snaps’ of the Fish they caught..

    you know, instead of, merely, telling ‘Tales’ about them .. :)

  4. diogeron says:

    Given the predictable carnage which occurred once again when Barry travels, anybody want to chip in on an ankle bracelet for him?